What are the 5 major parts of a car

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Today many people can drive a car but they don’t know how the car works or what parts are most important. Before driving, it is your responsibility to know the basic techniques, knowledge and parts of a vehicle. If you know the important parts of the car, you can solve any unexpected problem on the road while driving.

You need to know the main parts of a vehicle to ensure that your driving experience is safe, comfortable and smooth. If you don’t know a part well, you can’t know how much it will cost to maintain or repair it.

A car has many parts and it is sometimes difficult to determine which are the most important. In this article, we have listed five essential car parts that you need to know properly.  You should also regularly check these key parts.


The engine is the heart and soul of the car. The characteristics of the engine are the timing chain, spark plugs, control arm, camshafts, cylinder heads, valves, pistons, etc. The engine is selected according to the number of cylinders it has.  The size of the engine is the main factor in a car because it affects the overall power of the car. Therefore, checking the engine of the car regularly is a must.


It is the main component of the car.  Without it, you cannot use the car. This is the only part that touches the road. That’s why it’s so important to keep them in good shape. You must know the basic idea of ​​its framework. You have to be careful if there is a need to fix the tire. When tires are damaged, they must be replaced.  Otherwise, you will get into an accident while driving.

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Brakes are one of the most important safety systems in a car. You can find disc brakes on the front wheels. There are drum brakes on the rear wheels of some cars. When applying the brakes, you may feel vibrations or pull towards the front of the vehicle. Therefore, a seat belt is necessary for a car. Before driving, you need to make sure that your car brakes are set correctly. For safety reasons, you should periodically check the condition of the brakes.


The arrangement of gears in a car is called a transmission. It can provide different relationships between motor output and input.  The driver can select a lower or higher gear to regulate the vehicle’s speed. There are two types of transmission;  Automatic transmission and manual transmission. If something is wrong with the transmission, your engine will stop working properly. So you should pay attention to it.

Dashboard Tools:

This is another important part of the car. You can check the fuel gauge and speedometer on the dashboard. You can also identify some common car problems from it. You can find out the engine conditions. If there is a leak in the oil pressure gauge, it can also be identified from the dashboard. Therefore, you can avoid the main problems with the engine by paying attention to the dashboard instrument.


Every part of the car functions differently like the human body. For your safety, there are some important parts of a car that you need to know before you drive it. You need to change it quickly in case any part of the car needs to be replaced. You can buy many auto parts here https://carsuvparts.com/ These car body types also have super-strong tyres that glide over uneven and difficult terrain.

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