What Are the Side Effects of Breast Lift Surgery?

Effects of Breast Lift
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Following breast lift surgery, patients may experience bruising, swelling, itching, numbness, and sensitivity of the nipples. The new breast tissue may feel full for several days, and it may take six to twelve months for it to settle. Bleeding can also be an aftereffect. However, these side effects are generally temporary. They should not cause concern. These complications are not life-threatening.

Loss of sensitivity in the breast

If you’ve had a breast lift, you’ve likely noticed a change in sensitivity. This is a normal side effect of surgery. Most women recover within two to four weeks, although you may experience some loss of sensitivity for some time. Although nipple sensitivity can vary from person to person, it is likely to be mild.

The size of your implant and the position of your incision can both affect your nipple sensation. The location of your incision will also have an impact on how sensitive your nipple will feel after surgery. Women with smaller implants have less chance of experiencing nipple sensitivity after this procedure. However, women with larger implants are at higher risk for permanent sensitivity loss.

Itching and burning sensations

Itching and burning sensations are common side effects of Breast Lift. They are usually an indication that you should get more nutrition or are allergic to an antibiotic. The itching and burning can also be caused by an adverse reaction to an adhesive used during the surgery, such as surgical glue or bandaging. You should avoid applying heat to the surgical area, as it may cause itchier skin.

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The swelling around the breast may also cause itching and burning sensations. You should take antihistamines if the itchiness is severe. If the skin is red or hot, seek medical attention right away. Some women also report that their breasts don’t feel or look identical the day after the surgery. Breasts are not symmetrical, so there may be some differences. Some women experience incoherent behavior or hallucinations.


While breast lift surgery in Mumbai is safe and can provide beautiful results, some women do experience certain complications. One of these is infection. This can occur as the result of bacteria entering the surgical site. Infection symptoms can include pain, redness, and oozing discharge. The area may also be hot to the touch. In severe cases, additional surgery may be required to correct the problem. Listed below are some common complications associated with breast lift surgery.

Bleeding is another possible side effect after a breast lift surgery. Though rare, breast lift surgery can cause excessive bleeding. Your surgeon will review your medical history to determine the level of risk. Besides following pre-operative instructions, you should inform your surgeon of any medical conditions you may have, such as allergies or asthma. Taking medications to address these problems will help to minimize your risks. Some of these risks include infection, anesthesia, and bleeding.

Bleeding after surgery

One of the risks of breast lift surgery is bleeding. This bruising can cause the breast to enlarge and cause more pain after the procedure. Your plastic surgeon may place a drain over the exit wound to drain the blood. If this drainage line becomes full of blood, you should contact your surgeon as soon as possible. This is a sign of abnormal bleeding. If the bleeding continues, it may be an indication of an infection.

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In rare cases, excessive bleeding may occur. This may require blood transfusions. Many over-the-counter medications and supplements increase bleeding risks. It is important to tell your surgeon about any medication or supplements you are taking at least two weeks before your surgery. Blood clots can travel into your lungs and require additional surgery. It is important to follow your surgeon’s postoperative instructions carefully and avoid drinking excessive fluids.

Fluid buildup

While you should not worry if you have a small buildup of fluid after your breast lift surgery, you should be aware of possible complications. One of the most common side effects is fluid buildup, also known as seroma. This buildup of clear bodily fluids occurs in areas where tissues were removed during the surgery. It can develop up to seven days after surgery and feel like a liquid under the skin.

After your breast lift surgery, you may experience swelling. This is often called oedema and may affect the breast, chest wall, arm, shoulder, or arm. Swelling is an expected side effect of the surgery and should subside within six to eight weeks. If you still experience swelling after your procedure, you should consult your doctor or breast care nurse to learn about treatment options. In some cases, wearing a supportive bra on the day of surgery may alleviate the swelling.


Swelling and bruising are common side effects after a breast lift surgery. However, the extent of the swelling and bruising depends on the extent of surgery and patient care. Major swelling generally dissipates within a month, while minor swelling can last for weeks. The patient should limit strenuous activities for a few weeks after the surgery to allow the body to fully heal. Bruising and swelling should dissipate over time, as well as associated pain.

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Bruising is an expected side effect of a breast lift surgery. It is a result of trauma caused by the surgery. Damaged cells release chemicals that increase the absorbency of blood vessels. The fluid that fills these vessels contains white blood cells, as well as other chemicals that assist in the healing process. However, post-operative swelling may last a few weeks, making the surgical bra necessary.

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