What Can I Do To Reduce My Use Of Plastic Bottles?

What Can I Do To Reduce My Use Of Plastic Bottles?
What Can I Do To Reduce My Use Of Plastic Bottles?

This post was most recently updated on March 23rd, 2023

Most of the waste created globally is made of plastic water bottles, which has proven to be a severe environmental issue. Plastics reach the oceans and threaten marine life because they take up to 1000 years to degrade. According to reports, plastic is the leading cause of marine pollution and kills 1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals annually. Emphasizing the need to use fewer plastic bottles is crucial. Many states have established return-it bottle depots where you may dispose of your used plastic bottles and receive compensation. You can also utilize the service of bottle pickup in Calgary or elsewhere. As a result, far less plastic garbage is being produced overall.

Methods to reduce the use of plastic bottles

It is essential to reduce overall plastic use to attain a sustainable future. Several efficient methods for decreasing plastic waste are:

1.   Replace the plastic with glass or aluminum containers

Reusable plastic bottles are harmful to use. They can release harmful chemicals in the water that is refilled in them. Moreover, they are also a great source of plastic waste. It is a healthy choice to replace these plastic containers with glass or aluminum containers for storage purposes.

2.   Replace single-use bottle

Single-use bottles are making a considerable contribution to total plastic waste. It is always better to carry reusable bottles to drink tap water whenever possible. You can save money and reduce plastic waste to protect marine life. You can always visit abottle depot and hand over your leftover bottle waste. This will make you more responsible for handling waste.

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3.   Replace plastic straws

Plastic straws are also causing massive impacts on the marine ecosystem. Marine animals are endangered due to the excessive use of plastic items, and it is always better to replace them with durable and reusable straws made of bamboo or paper.

4.   Carry your cutlery

Whenever you go to a restaurant, you must buy disposable plastic cutlery, thus increasing plastic consumption. It is best if you use your reusable cutlery and always carry it along so that you might take part in reducing plastic waste.

5.   Replace glass jars with plastic jars

To reduce the consumption of plastic items, you can replace the plastic jars with glass jars for storing the leftovers. Glass jars are a safer choice t store food items than plastic, as plastic can contaminate food items.

6.   Avoid plastic packaging

Plastic packaging can add to plastic waste, which ultimately reduces sustainability. To prevent such conditions, it is always better to buy things available without the outer package, in loose form. Fruits and vegetables are available in such forms. Moreover, loose packing can cost you much lower than packaged goods.

7.   Avoid microbead-containing products

Several skincare products contain microbeads. Microbeads can be used for many purposes, including exfoliation. These microbes can end up in the seas, and hence they can be consumed by marine animals endangering their lives. It is essential to use products that do not contain such microbeads. Many states have imposed a ban on products that contain microbeads to prevent such conditions. Plastic bottles containing products can be sent to a bottle depot for recycling.

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Your primary responsibility is to educate your friends, family, and other close relations about the value of reducing plastic consumption. Doing so may quickly uncover the most straightforward solutions to reduce the trash in your home and effectively reduce plastic consumption and waste. Many states have developed bottle pickups in Calgary or elsewhere that you might avail of and send your leftover bottles there. By forming the habits mentioned above, you can effectively reduce waste. Moreover, you can benefit yourself additionally by giving your leftover bottles to a return it bottle depot and getting paid for them.

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