What Does a Rhinoplasty Do?

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Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to alter the shape of the nose. This surgery can give you a larger nose or a more symmetrical facial profile. The procedure also helps to balance the facial profile by changing the shape of the chin. In addition to the rhinoplasty, chin surgery may be necessary if you want to change the appearance of your chin.

Taking pictures of your nose during rhinoplasty

The process of online consultation includes taking photographs of the inside of your nose. These photographs are used to show the surgeon the potential results. They are helpful during before-and-after evaluations and for long-term reviews. They also give the doctor and you the opportunity to discuss what you want to achieve during surgery.

In taking photographs of your nose after rhinoplasty, it is important to select a background with a plain color. This makes it easier to focus on the cosmetic improvements. Do not take photos that show make-up, shadows, or unprofessional selfish, as these will make the results difficult to judge.

The procedure can change the shape and size of your nose, which can improve the way you breathe. The procedure also improves facial proportions and harmony. For example, a large nose can make your face look disproportionately narrow. During surgery, your surgeon can correct this by changing the bones and cartilage of your nose, and changing the shape of your nose.

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The procedure can help you feel better about yourself and your appearance. While it can be a daunting experience, rhinoplasty can help relieve the strain of your self-image. During the recovery period, it is important to accept your new appearance and give yourself the time necessary to adjust to your new nose.

Taking a week off after rhinoplasty

After Rhinoplasty, you will need to rest and avoid strenuous activity for a week or two. You will feel some swelling, but it will subside after a few days. Swelling will be most visible under the eyes and around the cheeks. It is recommended that you take two weeks off work to recover from rhinoplasty. After that, you can return to normal activities.

You should avoid sleeping on your side for the first six weeks after rhinoplasty. Sleeping on your side will only aggravate your soreness and swelling, and could displace your new nose. To avoid discomfort, elevate your head at night, and use a pillow to prop it up. You can also use a foam wedge to elevate your head. You should also avoid blowing your nose and wearing glasses for the first few days after rhinoplasty.

You may experience a bit of nasal obstruction after two or three weeks. After three weeks, you can resume moderate activity, but it is important to stay away from strenuous physical activity. Swelling and pain around the nose may persist for up to six months. You should consult with your doctor before engaging in high-impact activities.

Recovery time after rhinoplasty in Mumbai depends on the type of surgery you have. Some surgeries require a seven to ten-day recovery, while others require several weeks. Depending on your facial plastic surgeon, you may be advised to take a week off work after rhinoplasty. Recovery time from rhinoplasty is normally shorter than the recovery time for other procedures, and after a few weeks, you should be back to your normal routine.

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Healing from rhinoplasty

Immediately following your rhinoplasty surgery, you will want to keep a close eye on the healing process. While you’ll be sore and puffy for the first few days, you’ll quickly begin to feel better. You should avoid strenuous activity for seven to ten days, as this can cause additional swelling and strain. It is also important to remember that your nutrition status can affect your recovery. Low levels of zinc can slow the healing process, so eating a balanced diet full of vitamin and mineral-rich foods is a good idea.

The process of healing from rhinoplasty will last several weeks. You should wear a splint for the first week to minimize swelling. Then, you should avoid putting pressure on the area around the eyes for a week or two. The final results of the procedure can take up to three months.

After your rhinoplasty surgery, you should follow up with your surgeon for a follow-up appointment. Your surgeon will remove the packing material and stitches from the nose, as well as check for signs of swelling and healing. You should also avoid strenuous activities until you are fully recovered. Once you’ve recovered, you can resume normal activities, including light exercise, weight training, and wearing glasses or contacts.


After your surgery in India, you should be sure to eat healthy, low-sodium foods that will help your body heal properly. During the first few days after your surgery, you should avoid spicy foods, as these can cause more swelling. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and prevent constipation.

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