What gasoline does my lawn mower need?

Basically, please note the manufacturer’s instructions in the operating instructions for your specific model in order to be able to make an optimal choice. Most new 4-stroke engines work with commercially available super petrol (E5), as is available at the petrol pump. With a canister, you can always keep up with your petrol lawn mower when refuelling.

Which oil should be used?

With a car, it is common to change the oil for the engine after 15,000 kilometers or a year (unless cross-country oil is used). Since you cannot reach 15,000 kilometers with a lawnmower, the time span of one year is considered a practical guideline. In specialist shops you will find a special oil for a 4-stroke lawn mower with petrol engine, which is optimally matched for this purpose. For our petrol lawn mowers, the oil with the classification 10W30 is recommended. On every Craftfull lawn mower you will find an explicit indication that this oil is to be used.

What is special about oil for a petrol lawn mower?

High-quality engine oil has a very good viscosity-temperature behavior as well as cold start properties. Special additives contribute to a desirable protection against corrosion and wear.

Storage of the lawn mower – practical folding function

The warm season is coming to an end. At the latest after the last use, the question arises: Where and how to store the gasoline lawn mower as space-saving as possible? In a small shed, the space can quickly become too narrow. As a garden lover, you will certainly deposit one or the other tool or device in a shed or in the basement. In this respect, you should already have this aspect of storage in mind when choosing a motor lawn mower. Here you will find high-quality and functional lawn mowers with petrol engine, which have a practical folding function. You can fold up our Craftfull models in a few simple steps and then store them upright to save space. Since many modern versions have a comparatively low weight, you can also store such a lawn mower in the attic or in the basement. In general, a low weight not only increases comfort with a view to usable storage options: A low weight is also an advantage for the driving characteristics, as the petrol lawn mower can be manoeuvred more easily.

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Are you already well equipped for the garden season?

If you store your lawn mower in a space-saving way thanks to the folding function during the winter months, you should thoroughly clean the device beforehand and keep it dry. Keep in mind that dirt and debris can settle very stubbornly over many weeks. In the worst case, moisture and dirt could even impair the functioning of the device. Modern lawn mowers are usually partly made of stainless steel, so that the topic of corrosion does not play a role. This is an important qualitative aspect for a lawn mower, especially for the cutting tool. In view of this, with Craftfull lawn mowers you rely on field-proven and durable quality.

Is your new motor lawn mower prepared for storage?

Your old lawn mower has stopped service and the grass is growing over your head? Then you can order proven brand quality at attractive prices here with just a few clicks. Do you have any questions or would you like advice? Take advantage of our telephone or chat support during service hours and get comprehensive advice. Fast delivery and various payment options (including financing) round off the shopping experience.







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