What happens if a spouse visa is refused?

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Once you get a PR in Canada, you’ll start to think about living with your spouse. Spousal sponsorship application is a complicated process. However, you can easily find your way out if you have proper documentation.

And what happens if a spouse visa is refused? Many factors might cause a couple to get a refusal in spousal sponsorship. In the following part, we’ll discuss it with all the answers.

What happens if a spouse visa is refused?

There are two types of spousal sponsorship, which are inland and outland. In inland sponsorships, you need to apply again, and there’s no possibility to appeal for the application.

On the other hand, the case is different in outland sponsorships. You can appeal within 30 days after you receive a refusal letter. The court can confirm the refusal if you fail to re-apply at this time.

Many firms can help you appeal after a refusal. So, it would be best if you take professional help.

4 Reasons that Spousal Sponsorship Might Get Refused

IRCC can refuse your spousal sponsorship for several reasons. Following are some of the most common reasons for your spousal sponsorship refusal.

No Proper Documentation

Most people are confused about the correct applications. Every application is based on signing, dating forms, or circumstances. You can think about signing the forms digitally, but you should avoid this step.

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Wrong Checklist

One of the common problems is completing the wrong checklist. In IRCC, you will get the checklist of specific documents you might need. Also, you should add all the important papers that you will need from your native land. Taking such a step would help you reach your destination much faster. 

Missing Documents

It is compulsory to add your and your partner’s documents. One common reason to get your sponsorship refused is failing to provide the necessary documents. Besides your checklist, you should work a step forward and collect as many documents as possible.

You will get privilege at the visa office when you have supporting documents while submitting your application. Instead of wasting time in the IRCC office, you have a chance of approval much faster.

No Relationship Documents

The whole spousal scholarship is based on genuine relationships. But it gets tough when you have to prove your relationship. Eventually, most couples take a few categories for granted and skip the documents. 

As the IRCC authority is well trained, they will thoroughly review your application. So, it would be a great decision to hire a professional. They will invest their effort and time in your successful results.

Some Unfavourable Results

While working with your sponsorship application, you can go through some unfavourable results. Hence, you need to work with your documentation to avoid these problems.

Some of the unfavourable results are:

  • Returned Application
  • Fairness Letter
  • Interviews
  • Refusal.

You can take help from immigrationcanada.ca to complete the process at ease.

Factors to know about spousal sponsorship program in Canada

Applying for spousal sponsorship can turn very time-consuming. But when your relationship is complicated, this process can be a challenge- like arranged marriages, previous partner’s children, previously married, etc.

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A normal spousal sponsorship application is about 120 to 150 pages. However, the application might turn longer to 200 pages if you translate it.

In Canada, the government will review your application and grant them very strictly. This is because people are illegally trying to get PR in Canada. So, it’s a tough task to create a proper application with no issues.

Some individuals decide to complete the application by themselves, which turns out to be a weak one. Eventually, they fail to prove a genuine relationship. In such situations, the government asks them to sit for an interview, proceeds to a fairness letter, or face refusals.

Proof of a Genuine Relationship

Marriage fraud for getting a spousal scholarship is very common in Canada. So, the IRCC focuses on finding whether the document is authentic for a genuine relationship.

Moreover, you need to convince IRCC that you have a genuine relationship. If you fail to do so, your application will get refused. Also, they will ban you from a spousal sponsorship for about 5 years.

There are a few categories where IRCC will consider your situations:

  • Couple compatibility
  • Relationship duration
  • Age differences
  • Cultural differences
  • Caste or religious differences
  • Education differences.

Final Words

In short, your question “what happens if a spouse visa is refused?” has answers now. The best way to get rid of refusals is to prevent them. You should always fill out your forms with good documentation. 

If you’re still facing trouble, you can take the help of immigration lawyers. This will keep you stress-free and save you money.

Good luck with your sponsorship!

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