What Is Anonymous Surfing?


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Anonymous surfing is a way to protect your privacy when you use the Internet. The basic idea behind this is that your computer makes an Internet connection without telling anyone else who you are or where you live. This means nobody knows where your Internet connection originates or who owns the connected computer. This idea protects your privacy in several ways.

Reasons Why Users Need to Surf Anonymously

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to surf anonymously. For example:

Online Privacy

It is a fact that the Internet is not private. There are many ways through which your online activity can be tracked, recorded and used against you. Some of them include the following:

  • Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your computer by websites you visit. They help website owners track your browsing history and identify you with it, so they can target ads based on what you have been doing on their website or other websites. 
  • IP Address: The IP address is a unique number associated with every device connected to the Internet and is used as an identifier for each device. Your ISP knows what IP address belongs to your device and can use this information to track your location and other information. For example, if they want to block certain websites or apps from being accessed by users in their region, they can block them based on their IP address because the ISP knows exactly where each user’s IP address is located at any given time. 
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Avoid Tracking by Advertisers

Advertisers track data about people’s online activity to target ads more effectively at them. This means that even if an advertiser doesn’t know who you are, they might still try to guess who you are based on your interests and where you live (or used to live). They do this through cookies – little bits of data that websites leave behind when users visit them. Law enforcement agencies can also use cookies as evidence of criminal activity or by hackers as part of phishing attacks.

Access Location-Restricted Content

Some websites and content are not accessible in certain countries. Proxy services allow users to bypass these restrictions and make it seem like you are in another location. Through proxies, users can freely access geo-restricted content and gain internet anonymity.

Best Proxies For Anonymous Browsing

Proxy servers help you surf anonymously. It allows you to mask your IP address, encrypt data and browse the web securely. Whether you use the Internet to secure your communications, pay bills or conduct sensitive business, proxies can help protect your personal information.

Choosing the best proxy services can be a wildly difficult task. The sheer number of services on the market today can be overwhelming and confusing. So, here are three proxy services that have been tested to keep your browsing activities anonymous:


InstantProxies offers dedicated proxies for $1 per proxy. Their private proxies are exclusive and used by one user at a time.  The company also offers various payment options, including Bitcoin, which helps you stay true to having internet anonymity. Aside from anonymous proxies, they also offer cheap proxies for various purposes. They are commended for their instant proxy delivery, warm customer service, and fast connection speed. Instantproxies also support automation and  web crawling tools which require high anonymity. Because of its affordable cost and supported business functions, it is also a great option for personal use.

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Oxylabs is an anonymous proxy service that allows you to unblock websites and hide your IP address and location. They also have an easy integration process with 100M+ residential IPs. For $180/month, you can get 100 cybersecurity proxies with a US location or 60 IPs worldwide. They also have various packages depending on your needs such as their pay-as-you-go plan which starts at $15/GB. Oxylabs is also one of the providers with a large proxy pool. Aside from proxies, they also offer Scraper API for businesses.


NewIPNow is a great choice if you’re looking for a personal proxy. They provide high-quality proxies at an affordable price. You can easily use their proxies to access blocked sites or hide your IP address. Their servers are in the United States, Canada, the UK, Netherlands and Germany. Their customer service is friendly and efficient. For as low as $8.80, you can get 10 proxies with locations of your choice and your targets.

How to Use Proxies For Anonymous Browsing

After purchasing proxies, you can follow these steps to change the IP address on your browser:

  1. Simply open your browser settings.
  2. Go to the “Advanced” settings and search for the “Manual Proxy Setup.
  3. Turn the “Use a Proxy Server” option on.
  4. Using the details provided by your proxy service, you can then type in the details in the available fields.
  5. To confirm that the proxy effectively hides your IP address, visit an IP checker site. It should reflect the proxy IP instead of your real IP address.
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Wrapping Up

Anonymous proxies can help provide internet anonymity. Ensure that your provider is a trusted source and avoid free proxies. Free proxies are publicly available with unidentifiable users. To increase your online anonymity, you can also use privacy-first browsers and OS like Duck Duck Go and Qubes..

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