What Is Home Loan Calculator and Things We Should Know About It?

Home Loan EMI calculator
Home Loan EMI calculator
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There are many benefits of owning a home, but the majority of people take home loans because they want to own their dream house. However, while you can easily get into a home that costs more than what you can afford, it would not be easy to keep up with the house loan EMIs. This is where the home loan EMI calculator comes into play. The home loan EMI calculator helps you determine how much loan amount you should take for your home purchase by calculating how much your EMI would be if you wanted to repay it in 5 years or 10 years or any other duration between these two periods.

Knowing how to calculate home loan EMI is an important part of understanding the home loan process. The EMI or interest rate calculator helps you determine how much your monthly loan installment will be, based on the down payment amount, in addition to the cost of the house and its interest rate.

Below Mentioned 3 Things You Should Know:

  1. Loan Amount: Your home loan amount is the amount you wish to borrow or the size of the loan you are taking out to finance your home purchase. It’s based on a few factors that include the value of the property, your income and financial position.
  1. Loan Tenure: The repayment tenure depends on the amount that you have taken and the interest rate. A shorter repayment tenor will result in a greater frequency of monthly or quarterly installments, but can be beneficial for those with lower incomes.
  1. Interest Rate: Home loan interest is the charge made on your borrowed loan amount. Home loan interest rates vary from lender to lender, so make sure you check rates before applying for a home loan. The lower the home loan interest rate, the lower will be your monthly EMI.
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Based on the loan amount, interest rate and tenure of your loan, the EMI calculator will compute what you need to pay each month.

A home loan EMI calculator is a useful tool in your financial planning. When you are planning to buy a home or take a housing loan, an EMI calculator helps you make sure that you can comfortably afford the payments each month.

Few Things You Should Know About Home Loan Calculator: 

  1. The home loan EMI calculator helps you calculate your equated monthly installment (EMI) for home loan based on the interest rate, tenure and your down payment. Once you know the monthly EMI amount, you can compare different loans before applying for a home loan.
  1. Know how much of your home loan eligibility you can finance and get an EMI estimate. Calculate EMI on your property value with Muthoot Fincorp’s Home Loan EMI calculator.
  1. EMI home loan calculators are available for use on the website of the financial corporations and banks. These EMI calculators always ask for the duration of the loan, tenure or repayment period, interest rate, downpayment amount, property tax and other necessary details to figure out the monthly equated monthly installment or EMIs
  1. The Home loan EMI calculator is designed for calculating the monthly EMI for up to four time periods. Additionally, it can also be used to understand how much of your EMI payments are being used to pay off interest, rather than the principal amount.
  1. EMI is calculated on the basis of fixed interest rate. However, in the case of floating interest rate, it changes as per market rates and base rate movements.
  1. Muthoot Fincorps’ House Loan EMI calculator online is designed to make all your loan related calculations easier. With a simple use and easy to understand interface, our EMI calculator cuts short your lengthy and tedious arithmetic calculations by seconds. It will provide you with the exact amount of EMI that you need to pay per month for your home loan.
  1. Calculating your EMI in advance will help you to calculate the amount of surplus balance left at the end of each month. This way, you can easily manage your finances better.
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The Home loan EMI calculator can be used by all. The user has to just fill up the necessary parameters, which are the EMIs, Principal amount and the loan tenure. Then, we can derive the home loan EMI quickly and accurately.

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