What Is Intelligent Process Automation and How Does it Make Organizations Powerful?

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This post was most recently updated on September 7th, 2022

The digital workplace is developing at a rapid pace. Most growth-focus organizations have already undergone digital transformation, and intelligent process automation is a solution that can further support these satta efforts. What exactly is intelligent process automation and how can it make businesses more powerful?

Intelligent process automation – what is it?

Intelligent process automation, also known as cognitive process automation, is a combination of robotic process automation (RPA), business process management (BPM), and intelligent automation (IA).

This collection of innovation  tools helps to revolutionize organizational processes and helps to:

  • increase the operational efficiency
  • minimize human errors
  • streamline processes and interactions.  

Advantages of intelligent process automation

Using intelligent process automation in daily operations allows organizations, departments, and employees to:

  • Maximize data flow performance by connecting and automating business processes
  • Enable processes which interact with multiple enterprise applications across any number of business functions
  • Process high volumes of data while reducing the human input
  • Observe through automated process what is happening, when and where at any time
  • Get a simple and total control of data and applications across the platform for both cloud and on-premise orchestration
  • Get extra time to work on strategic things to drive business outcomes.

Investing in intelligent process automation tools is a must-have for organizations that strive to operate faster, become data-driven, and stay competitive in a dynamic marketplace.

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Challenges faced by organizations in digital workplace

The modern workplace dealing with unprecedented digital transformation faces numerous challenges that complicate daily operations. The most common problems include:

  • using too many applications and platforms in the company,
  • very-slow decision-making processes with no synchronized data,
  • no possibility to analyze the information in a consistent way,
  • no data integrity between multiple departments,
  • no possibility to access necessary data on request,
  • problems with data quality and growing volumes of data,
  • the need to perform routine and repetitive tasks that take extra time and cost.

And these are only some problems. As a solution, companies have to standardize data management and operational processes. This can be done using intelligent process automation.

How can IPA streamline processes and workflows?

Intelligent process automation is a truly transformational technology that gives organizations functionalities going beyond elevated efficiency, or productivity.

With its help, companies can integrate data from multiple sources and build data and process alignment between departments. All this helps to automate non-routine and complex tasks to reduce human errors, and boost operational efficiency. This means that business leaders will have more time to work on new strategies to increase revenue, and employees could dedicate more time to try different engagement and sales models, work on tasks that will bring more conversions.

Check out the process automation platform  offered by satta matka to take your organization’s data management and workflows to the next level!

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