What is the difference between a smart TV and a regular TV?

smart TV

Many of us confuse a smart TV and a regular TV thinking of them the same. However, they are not; there are few distinctions between them. Both of them serve general purposes but differ in some features.

So what is the difference between a smart TV and a regular TV? This article explains it in detail.

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5 major differences between regular TV and smart TV

Technology has altered how we watch TV. With a smart TV now, you can broadcast your favorite shows from your smartphone or tablet instead of going to cinema halls and theatres.

However, many of us still need to understand the fact that the distinction between regular and smart tv is not only about the internet connection. A smart TV has a lot of options than just having an internet connection. 

Let’s examine them more closely at their differences to understand better.


Smart TV has a built-in operating system that enables an user to perform several functions, including internet browsing, mobile phone connectivity, video conferencing, and online movie and video streaming. However, these things are not feasible with a standard LED or OLED TV.

A regular TV doesn’t have any processing power, so it can’t connect to the internet. Essentially it works more like an enlarged computer monitor.


You can stream music, play videos and movies, use social media and other platforms with smart tv because of its built-in WIFI and wireless connectivity. Nowadays, most parents who have difficulty feeding their kids tend to play their favorite videos to make feeding less troublesome. The easy functioning and convenience made it easy for them.

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But no nagging and crying would help while it’s a regular one. You get to see only the broadcasted shows on regular tv; no choices instead of changing the channels.


Like any device that regularly connects to the Internet, smart TVs present a variety of privacy and security issues. They fall within the category of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, making them highly susceptible to hackers.

In this case, regular television has no such risks or issues because it cannot be connected to the internet.


In terms of price, the price of a smart TV is higher than a regular one. Here is an important fact we need to understand first. Low-cost or entry-level smart TVs lack a smooth and fast, smart TV experience. It typically has a few simple programs like Netflix, YouTube, etc. but lacks a comprehensive app store. It restricts your experience and makes you feel like you are really using an old machine.

So, in this case, buying a low-cost smart tv is not a better option than a regular one. You should either buy a full-fledged smart tv that serves you all or go for a normal one. There’s no in-between, as it won’t serve your purpose. However, you might be surprised to learn that the additional cost of a smart TV is not too high. There is a modest price range for smart TVs over regular TVs.


We always strive for sound and picture quality when buying a television. A high-resolution smart TV’s picture quality is far better than a normal one, as well as the speaker. So if we talk about the picture and sound quality, smart tv is the first choice here.

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Do all new TVs have smart features?

You’ve certainly seen so many discussions about the demand for smart televisions. But the reality is that not every TV is a smart tv. Even if your tv can do more tasks than expected, that won’t make it a smart tv. A regular HDTV can also perform many of the tasks we expect from a Smart TV. However, it won’t always have an operating system or any way to access the internet.

You can use a smart tv just like a traditional TV without any issues. Digital converters, often known as digital boxes, are incorporated into modern smart TVs. Thus, HD antenna signals can be received by smart TVs to view free-to-air channels.

What should I choose?

Our choices always depend on our needs. The TV you choose will ultimately depend on your demands and specific requirements. You must pick what is more significant to you after considering the variations and constraints of the two gadgets. 

Before buying, making a list of the specifications or features your TV must have can help you make the best decision possible.

Final words

One of the most well-liked inventions of the 20th century is the television. Within a very short time, television has become so widely used that it is now a part of practically every household worldwide. It now serves as a focal point.

However, various other television types such as smart TV have been invented over time, decreasing the appeal of traditional television. Hopefully after reading the article, now you know the difference between a smart TV and a traditional one. Still, choosing the right one depends on what features you want.

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