What is the importance of using educational resources and materials for Schools?

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Educational teaching materials are essential tools in any classroom since they facilitate the knowledge acquisition process for students, characterized by the fact that they have different learning styles and rhythms.

This article will explain the importance and benefits of using teaching resources and materials in education.

3 Benefits of using teaching materials and resources

All teachers usually state in their lesson plans which are the educational resources and materials for Primary that they will use during the teaching of the program content. However, when choosing these pedagogical and didactic resources, you must consider how these elements will positively impact the motivation and academic performance of your students.

Thus, educational materials for Primary are an essential reference in the teaching and learning process since they guide both the work of teachers and the training processes of students. Thus, among the benefits of using pedagogical and didactic resources, the following can be highlighted:

They offer students greater autonomy during their learning

Using educational teaching material for Primary offers students greater autonomy in their learning because they can search for the information they must study, complementing the knowledge through these elements.

They promote playful learning.

Educational teaching materials to work in Primary, such as online educational games, are an excellent alternative to promote playful learning in students. This will help them to have a better assimilation of knowledge to the extent that the program content studied has meaning for these students, allowing them to establish connections between the information acquired and daily life.

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They keep students motivated.

The teaching materials for Schools allow the students’ explanations to be reinforced, helping to review and test the knowledge of these children, making them feel more academically motivated and interested in the contents studied in class.

What is the development of didactic material?

At present, it tends to promote dialogic in classes, either for the presentation of didactic material or in interactions, so the use of didactic pedagogical resources must be taken into account and promote interactions by students.

Therefore, it is necessary to think about educational teaching materials with which studies can be supported, providing conditions to develop student learning, even if they are studying at a distance.

What is the use of digital technology in education?

Electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets favor interaction between students and teachers and can become excellent teaching material for primary school through which learning can be facilitated because students can study anywhere there is an Internet connection stable.

Likewise, educational platforms can be used in a dosed way within the classroom, allowing students to have the possibility of taking tests or using educational games that serve as a complement to the class they have seen.

What types of teaching materials are there?

The didactic materials are the different documents, resources, files, or tools that expose explanatory contents about an object of knowledge. These are developed based on different languages, such as scientific, informal, or playful, both in digital, printed, or graphic format.

In this regard, educational teaching materials may have maps, images, or graphics to explain a certain topic. In the same way, educational technologies or equipment are also known as learning resources. Therefore, each instrument used in a teaching procedure is considered teaching material.

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Thus, this interactive material for primary school is usually classified into auditory, visual, or audiovisual resources, through which it is possible to stimulate students simultaneously through visual or auditory perception.

Didactic material for Primary: linking theory to practice

In order to ensure that students can learn effectively and achieve the objectives or competencies proposed in pedagogical planning, the teacher must be able to link the theories studied to practical experiences because, by themselves, theories do not help to consolidate knowledge.

However, for this, teachers must properly use digital educational teaching materials, making sure that they stimulate them cognitively and inviting them to use these innovative technological devices for educational purposes.


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