What is UltraViewer? Is free remote control software safe?

For those who use remote connections, UltraViewer is a popular choice. However, do consumers comprehend what UltraViewer is and is this free remote desktop software safe? Follow this article to get the detailed answer for you!

I. Definition

1. What is UltraViewer?

UltraViewer is a free remote computer control software that supports users with the ability to operate on a remote computer to perform functions, install instructions, fix errors from the system, etc. A few years since the release of TeamViewer, UltraViewer has gotten a lot of favorable comments from its users regarding its quality, and can nearly replace TeamViewer.

2. Objects of use

UltraViewer free remote access software is often used by remote support staff or users who want to operate the other party’s equipment without physically being in the same room as them. On the screen, the user may see what the other operator is doing. However, you always have the option to take back control.

II. What are the advantages of UltraViewer – Free remote desktop software?

1. Fast connection speed

A large number of distinct IP addresses may connect to UltraViewer at the same time without encountering any problems. Therefore, it is possible to share your screen with others via the Internet through a conference call or a lecture by inviting them to utilize the software as a free remote access solution.

2. An easy-to-use software with a simple setup

The user doesn’t have to worry too much about their computer’s setup or hardware specifications while using UltraViewer software. As long as your computer comes pre-installed with the Windows operating system, you may use it without any complications.

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3. High security

The design and operation of the UltraViewer remote desktop software, along with the programmer’s use of a mode of total encryption, provide it a very high level of security. Best of all, this mode makes it simpler than ever before to exchange audio and video signals.

In addition, UltraViewer will provide users with many data security support features through login based on the computer’s unique identifier for each connection. And this feature supports the free remote access software in ensuring that the contact between computers is restricted and unaffected by other anomalous signals.

4. Smart chat window support

During software  manipulation, you can chat with your partner through the quick chat window using the F1 button. If you have a problem that needs to be exchanged, you can enter text for the most accurate support. In addition, UltraViewer’s chat feature also has the ability to prompt chat messages based on past data that you have manipulated. So users may engage more readily at conferences, meetings, etc. with coworkers and friends.

III. Is free remote desktop software really safe?

When a user loses control of their computer, they are often concerned about security risks and the exposure of sensitive data. However, with the UltraViewer software, you need not be too worried since every command and action of the person in charge will be presented on the screen for you to see in clear detail.

If you wish to regain control of the computer, you can just move the mouse or do any other action with your mouse. The partner’s computer will become inactive and lose the ability to operate your computer.

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UltraViewer is a free remote desktop software. Download UltraViewer now to have access to this helpful software.

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