What is uXprice?

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UXprice finds and tracks an unlimited number of competitors for each of your products. The matching of your products to those of your competitors is automatic, as is the search for competitors. For each individual product, you can analyze the following parameters: the number of competitors for the product, your price position among them, the average price of the product, the difference between your price and the maximum, minimum and average in percent. General market analytics are also available

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UXprice is a SaaS service for online retailers. Analyzing the prices of competitors, he gives recommendations on the best price for each product. Service usage increases profits by up to 30%.

What is competitor monitoring tools?

As the saying goes, “Keep your friends close but enemies closer” you should keep an eye on your competitors as well! Defining them as enemies might seem a bit dramatic, but it is always helpful to be informed of what others in your market are doing.

Competition is inevitable and crucial no matter what industry you are involved in. In order to learn something from this competition, you need to track what others are doing and make the necessary changes and enhancements.

It is not only about sales but grabbing customers’ attention for the future is also valuable. So here, we listed different competitor monitoring tools that you can use.

The competitor monitoring tool is one of the essential parts of marketing. It does not matter if you own a small business or a big one; you can learn a lot of things from your competitors.

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You can track price changes, customer interests, the website traffic and more while monitoring competitors!

But what are the best competitor monitoring tools? Check out these 23 best competitor monitoring software and choose what suits your business best!

Top Competitor Monitoring Tools

We have listed tools for you to analyze your competitors’ actions below. These are based on price monitoring, examining social media activities, searching technologies used in websites, SEO-related topics and traffic of competitors’ websites.

You can choose from this list according to your needs and curiosity!

1. Intelligencenode Price Optimization

 Intelligencenode’s price optimization software is an AI-driven service that shows you comprehensive data of brands. It gives price recommendations along with your competitors in a specific market.


  • 99% accuracy of prices.
  • Enables you to see historical pricing data of the last two years.
  • You can see price trends and optimize yours with price change tracking tools.


  • A bit confusing since there are no user manuals.
  • Pro account might be expensive since it is a monthly package.

Pricing: Free to use with limited service. Packages start from $49 up to $149 monthly.

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 (G2 reviews for Intelligencenode)

2. Owler’s Financial Competitive Analysis

 With Owler you can see your competitor’s activities, earnings, revenue, employee count, funding and top competitors. Also, it shows you new businesses by filtering industry, sector, annual revenue, location and so on.


  • Documentation about training.
  • Daily reports and updates on companies are helpful.


  • Employee count and revenue information might be outdated for some companies.
  • Small companies are not well covered.
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Pricing: Free to use with limited company search. Annual subscriptions start from $99.

G2 Rating: 4.1/5

Check out Owler reviews on G2.

3. Price2Spy

 Being one of the most used competitor price monitoring services, Price2Spy allows you to observe price changes and analytics of companies.


  • Price change alerts let you know about recent updates.
  • Shows the relevant websites to prevent chaos.
  • Compares prices of certain companies with each other.


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