What Makes a Brilliant Employee?
What Makes a Brilliant Employee?

What Makes a Brilliant Employee?

This post was most recently updated on November 18th, 2021

Hiring staff as a business owner can be tricky. Not only is handing off your responsibilities to a stranger a little scary, but you also have to make sure who you hire is good for the business. Not every talented person will work well in every workplace, after all. 

If you are new to hiring, you might wonder – what makes an employee stand out? To make sure you hire the right person, here is what makes up a brilliant employee. 

They Promote a Positive Workspace 

Someone might be intelligent, but if they drag the whole atmosphere down with their lack of positivity then they won’t help boost the business. A great employee comes into work with a positive attitude, ready to take on the day with few complaints. That doesn’t mean they’ll never have feedback or a bad day, just that their general outlook is on the more positive side. 

Remember, though, that it’s also up to you to create a positive workspace. Offering rewards like Kohls coupons and delivering praise are ways to ensure your staff are happy where they work. No matter how hard-working an employee is, everyone needs appreciation from time to time. 

They Deliver Feedback 

You might think you want a member of staff who does exactly what they are told without question, but it’s better to hire people with fresh ideas who will give you genuine feedback about the business. These types of people are innovative, hard-working, and are genuinely passionate about the place they work for. It’s better to hire someone who cares! 

They are Time-efficient 

Time management is an essential part of any business. While a little chatting or an extra break is nothing to complain about, you don’t want employees using a bunch of their working hours for tasks unrelated to the business. To make sure your workplace is productive, be sure to hire a time-efficient employee. You can also start using employee computer monitoring software that’ll show you how your employees spend their time at work.

They Learn Quickly 

Fast learners are a gift to businesses. You likely have your unique processes, and sometimes they will change – you need staff to get on board with the way your business runs as quickly as possible to avoid disruption. On top of that, they will learn better if they decide to pursue training opportunities. 

They are Flexible 

Another trait of a brilliant employees is that they are flexible. If a staff member can be there on short notice and change their shift to accommodate an event, they are an asset to the business. 

Remember, if you want flexibility from employees, it’s good practice to provide the same in return. Offering staff members who can work from home the opportunity to do so could improve productivity levels, especially if they work better in their own environment or have a busy personal schedule. 

They are Passionate 

Passionate team members will come to work with a great work ethic every day. It’s not every day you run into a candidate who is genuinely passionate about their career, so if you do so, strongly consider hiring them for your business. 

While you will have your personal requirements to fulfill a role, it’s good to keep these traits in mind if you want an employee that’ll help lift your business.



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