What Should The Consumer Know About The Online Shipping Method Of Cannabis In Canada?

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Canada legalized the recreational use of cannabis back in late 2018. Still, delivery stores have had a much extended period to prepare for shipping cannabis. The road to legalizing cannabis started in 2001 when Canada allowed mail-ordered medical cannabis, which required strict regulations and special handling. Since then, delivery providers have used many original rules to reference how to ship, manage and receive cannabis extracts, topicals, and edibles. You must follow specific rules for buying legal and safe cannabis from cannabis dispensary in canada and ship online. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be complicated.

Cannabis Delivery In Canada

Purchasing cannabis in the age of legalization looks slightly different than it did during prohibition. Weed delivery is an entirely different story. While registered patients can collect cannabis for medicinal use for delivery directly from licensed manufacturers, regarding recreational cannabis, regulations differ for every province.

Legal retailers are only allowed to ship within the province they operate. In other provinces (except Saskatchewan and Manitoba), privately owned stores are not allowed to deliver marijuana to consumers. Only official crown corporations can do so.

Uber is now partnering with cannabis retailer Tokyo Smoke, allowing the users to place an order directly on the UberEats app and pick it up in-store. But delivery is not available yet. While retailers can deliver weed in Ontario, other third-party deliveries from private services like Uber Eats are not yet legal in Canada click here.

  • Vancouver

On Canada’s western coast, provincial regulators have now eased restrictions allowing privately-owned dispensaries to accept orders online and phone ordering for in-store pick-up. Unfortunately for people in Vancouver, it is business as usual online and home delivery services are exclusively operated by BC Cannabis Stores, which uses Canada Post to get the product to customers.

  • Montreal
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residents can place marijuana orders online from the Société Québécoise du Cannabis for a $5 flat delivery fee. Should you be occupying your spare hours with an influx of baking, Original Stash is the best option. The strain from Quebec’s licensed producer Hexo is only sold one ounce at a time. Handled by Canada Post, orders typically arrive within three business days.

  • Halifax

The province has seen a 45% growth in cannabis sales recently, according to the cannabis websites. This provincial retailer is the only alternative for buying cannabis in Nova Scotia and offers Canada-Post delivery for a $7 flat fee.

Orders from CannabisNL are not processed by a centralized cannabis hold but rather fulfilled by the supplier, so order smartly. For instance, if you place orders from multiple licensed producers, you may have to incur numerous shipping fees, and products might ship separately.

How Much of the Cannabis Can a Licensed Retailer Ship at One Time?

Depending on the product you desire, there are varying limits on the quantity of marijuana you can ship. Medical cannabis is up to 30 times the patient’s daily prescription (for instance, if a patient is prescribed 2 grams daily, they can receive almost 60 grams at a time).

For recreational cannabis usage (including flowers, extracts, topicals, and edibles), cannabis plants, and cannabis seeds, you can refer to the Cannabis Act, which summarizes all of the legislation around the sale and distribution of recreational cannabis.

Packaging And Labeling Requirements For Shipping Cannabis

Health Canada has stringent regulations on marijuana deliveries to ensure its secure transit. All the deliveries need to follow these and additional packaging requirements:

  • Odorless: A container with barriers or a bag with a metalized interior liner prevents odor.
  • Security feature: A tamper seal assures consumers that the product has never been opened.
  • Unmarked packaging: Packaging cannot provide any clue of its contents.
  • Excise stamp: An excise stamp on the packaging is mandatory.
  • Child-proof: Products must have child-resistant packaging.
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If the packaging isn’t up to the proper standard, the package will likely be held back, and the sender will be contacted. A good provider will recommend improving your compliance with cannabis shipping laws.

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 How Old Should You Be to Receive Cannabis?

The age restriction for receiving cannabis varies from province to province. Below is the province’s legal age to purchase and receive cannabis.
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Concluding Thoughts

Cannabis is unfortunately banned in most countries. Suppose you try to travel internationally with any amount of cannabis, including CBD products, in your possession. In that case, you could potentially face criminal penalties at home and abroad. You could also be denied entry into your destination country if you have previously used marijuana or any substance prohibited by provincial laws. You could also be denied access to other nations in the future. Canadians traveling to the U.S. for reasons related to the cannabis enterprise may be denied entry depending on the state.

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