What to Know About CVPS Valet Software

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If you run a valet business, it is important to do what you can to keep your customers happy, reduce your costs, and improve your efficiency. Not only do you need employees who are customer service oriented, but you need to simplify your services and organize your data. You can use CVPS valet software to achieve these goals. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about this software. 

What Is Valet Software?

Valet software is designed to improve your operations for your valet business. It includes mobile and desktop tools that help you provide better customer service, reduce damage claims, and increase your revenue. 

The “CVPS” in CVPS valet software stands for computerized valet parking systems. Using this technology can take your business to the next level. It eliminates your need to rely on paper tickets, which can get lost and be hard to keep track of. It helps reduce long lines of customers waiting for their cars, and your attendants won’t need to use two-way radios to find cars and bring the right one up. This software has great features, such as photo-based vehicle inspection, ticketless valet, payment processing, and more. 

Features of CVPS Valet Software

The features of CVPS valet software will revolutionize your valet business. Take a look at some of the most popular features.

1. Mobile Valet Parking Management

CVPS valet software allows you to check in your customers, track your drivers, and get feedback from your customers. In addition, you can monitor and keep track of vehicle requests and make sure that your attendants receive the information they need to provide excellent customer service. 

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There are other convenient features, such as ticketless valet. With ticketless valet, your attendants can text the ticket to customers, and they can send a text when they want to retrieve their cars. Not only does this give you a record of all of your interactions with customers, but it simplifies the process for customers. If they are at dinner, they can send a text when they are ready for their car, and they won’t have to wait.

2. Convenient Payments

Using valet software makes it simple to take payments. Customers can pay with the app, and you can offer them discounts or loyalty rewards. They can pay via SMS, or they can choose to pay cash when they pick their car up. Either way, this software makes your payment processes more efficient and your customers happy. 

3. Ability to Take Damage Photos

Another great feature is that you can document existing damage on customer vehicles with this software. This will protect you against any potential fraudulent claims. Your attendants can take photos before they park the car, and the photos will have a timestamp and be associated with the date, ticket number, location, and everything else that you need to prove that a claim isn’t valid. 

4. Valexa

CVPS valet software uses Valexa, which is compatible with Amazon’s assistant, Alexa. Customers can request their vehicles and communicate this way, which offers many innovations for excellent service. 

5. Desktop Tools

In addition to mobile tools, you can use desktop tools. This versatility makes it able to accommodate all different levels of valet services. The desktop tool includes a feature that shows all of the parked vehicles and their locations, it allows you to send payment requests by text, and you can keep track of deliveries. This desktop tool offers all of the applications you need to take your valet business to the next level. 

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6. Customer Request Kiosks

Customers love convenience and flexibility. In addition, to pay by text, they offer customer request kiosks. Customers can use these kiosks to request their vehicles, and the kiosk can process payments. Customers can use VIP cards for discounts and scan any validations as well. They also offer information and feedback on the status of vehicles and the retrieval times, and you can place restrictions on them as well. They come in different models, including those for floors, walls, or your desktop. 

7. Pay by Phone

Pay by phone is a convenient feature for customers. They don’t need a download, and it includes secure credit card processing. This feature will mask the phone number of the customer, and it can support validations. Customers can even add gratuities, and it is a completely contactless form of payment. This makes payments simple, safe, and secure. 

8. Ticketless Valet

Ticketless valet offers a valet environment that is completely free of contact. This feature doesn’t require that anyone download an app, and it significantly reduces lost claim check issues. This feature also supports mobile credit card payment. In addition, you can send out customer satisfaction surveys. 

9. Online Reservations Integration

This valet software takes convenience to another level by integrating with online reservations. It improves your contactless delivery because you don’t need to exchange cash, you don’t need to use tickets, and you can collect for early arrivals and late departures. There are other integrations available as well. 

10. Stand-Alone Validators

A stand-alone validator is compatible with barcodes and QR codes. It has wireless connection options, and it can be made in table-top, floor, or wall configurations. You can use contactless operation, and it is fast and user-friendly. 

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They also have web-based validations and an app that works for iOS or Android devices. You can set the parameters through the software, and it is easy to customize them and choose who gets permissions. This also offers contactless operation for your customers and your attendants. 

Discover CVPS

When you are running a valet business, it is important to stay on top of the latest tech trends. Software and technology are designed to make your business more efficient. When you use CVPS valet software, you can increase your revenue, improve your customer satisfaction, and reduce your losses. Many great features will simplify your record-keeping and improve your business.