What type of design to choose when building a website design

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Looking to build your website but not sure which website design format would suit the best? Worry not! We’re here with the six common web design layouts to help you build your website from scratch. It’s time to invest in the right digital transformation services as soon as possible.

Static page layout 

It’s the basic website design layout within which you can build a website with pre-set page dimensions. The static page layout has a permanent width that sticks to these dimensions regardless of the device or browser. With the rise of digital devices like smartphones, static web design layouts have phased out. 

Pros of static page layoutCons of static page layout 
Easy to set up More work is required for mobile
Not responsive to browsers

Liquid design layout 

Also known as fluid designs, these are flexible unit layouts with the pages filling the width with the device’s screen, irrespective of the type of device. There’s a risk of delivering a poor user experience because of too far site-stretching or squishing of information on a single page. 

Pros of liquid design layoutCons of liquid design layout
Very easy to set upUnappealing, when information gets stretched to fit the screen
No information gets cut on the pagesInformation gets squashed when the browser is small

Adaptive website layout 

Another website design format that you can use for your website design is adaptive website layout. It uses CSS queries to adjust to the size and detect the size of the browser too. These layouts can easily alter the website’s layout to provide the best user experience for the visitors. With this web design, you’ll have set parameters for how your website can adjust. 

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Pros of the adaptive website layoutCons of the adaptive website layout
Easy to set up Not fully responsive 
Can adjust according to browser sizeDevice width can cause too much space or very little space
Take less development time

Dynamic website layout 

While scrolling through the lists of web designs, this proves to be a good option. It’s great for users who’ve extensive HTML knowledge and it can deliver different content to various website visitors. Web design companies prefer dynamic website layouts because with it you can build a database of features and information. Even web coding automatically works by putting together components from the database to form a well-built design page.

Pros of the dynamic website layoutCons of the dynamic website layout
Less coding requiredIntricate with more functionalities
Highly functional for the usersSlower because of varied page compositions and elements
User interactive

Responsive design layout 

It’s the most popular one because it allows your site to accommodate the devices and fit the browser perfectly. Built with a mobile-first approach, you can easily expand it to bigger browser sizes. 

Pros of responsive layoutCons of responsive layout
Mobile user-friendly websiteTime-consuming to build
Seamless experience on all devices Intricate
No need to build separate mobile data

Single page layout 

This website design layout only uses one page that you need to scroll down for information about everything. You may have a navigation menu with links that are specific to your page. For instance – KitKat is a great example of single-page layout.

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Pros of single page layoutCons of single-page layout
Easy to useCan’t be used for businesses that sell products online
Easy to createCan’t be used by brands who want multiple pages
Clean and simple websiteThe single page requires too much scrolling

Wrapping Up With so many website designs available, not able to figure out what suits your business the best? The best website design company can help you build a beautiful website design for your brand. Never forget to invest in the right digital transformation services for your brand

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