What’s the secret to a perfect Father’s Day for your husband?

What's the secret to a perfect Father's Day for your husband?
What's the secret to a perfect Father's Day for your husband?
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If your husband is anything like the other husbands we’ve talked to, he doesn’t want any of the trendy gifts that you might associate with Father’s Day. He’s not looking for Apple watches or Beats headphones, and he’s not going to be satisfied with a gadget that promises to make his life easier.

It makes sense when you think about it—most of us are busy enough that we don’t have time to just relax and enjoy life without interruption or obligation. A day off from all that is pretty much all we ask for as a gift, and it means more than any gadget ever could.

The best gifts for Father’s Day are those that make your husband feel special, recognized, and appreciated. Everyone in the family can contribute—it doesn’t have to be a big gift from you or all of you.

Love & appreciation

Now, you might be wondering what to get your husband for Father’s Day. Most men are going to tell you they want to love, appreciate, and have sex. And while this is true, the most important thing is to show your appreciation for the man you married by getting something that represents that.

TV Time

We’re all about making sure everyone has fun on Father’s Day, which can be tough. Dad’s pretty picky. He’s got high standards and a short attention span, but this Father’s Day, you can make it happen.

This year, swap out the tie (which Dad will just keep in the closet with the other ties he never wears) for something a little more exciting. Give him a new TV! Maybe he’ll finally watch some of those VHS tapes you’ve been keeping in storage.

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And don’t worry—we’re not talking about one of those old-school TVs. We’re talking about the latest and greatest models, like the [product name] 4K Ultra HD TV with a voice remote! It comes with cool features like:

  1. A voice remote that lets you search by voice and control your compatible connected devices.
  2. Control lives TV without changing inputs—just press and asks Alexa to find what you want to hear or watch.
  3. Get access to tens of thousands of channels, and apps.
  4. Stream from your favorite apps like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO NOW/MAX, Disney+, YouTube, and many more.
  5. Fire TV Edition seamlessly integrates live over-the-air TV.

A Manly Meal!

For Father’s Day, we can’t think of a better gift than a Manly Meal. Why? Because when we think about our dads and what they did for us, and how much we love them, it makes our hearts swell up with love and gratitude.

If you’ve never experienced a Manly Meal, it’s like this: you get a lot of food—like, really damn A LOT of food—and you invite your closest friends over to eat it with you. And all those friends are guys who respect men and love being around them. That is to say, they are the kind of men who treat their wives right (because they appreciate their wives), who support women when they need it, and who just want everyone to have pleasant lives.

The food is also delicious because it’s made by a chef who knows what makes a guy feel manly, and he uses his skills to make every bite as tasty and pleasurable as possible.

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Time to work on a hobby

Husbands are very busy people: They work, they take care of the house, and they make sure that the kids get to school safely. Fathers Day is a great opportunity for husbands to kick back and let other people take care of them for once. It’s also the perfect time for them to try out the hobbies they’ve been itching to do but haven’t had time for.

Whether your husband has always wanted to learn how to play chess or would love a new guitar, this is the perfect opportunity to gift him with the tools he needs to get started. After all, this is his day, and he should be able to celebrate it however he wants!

A nice long nap

If you’re like me, it’s probably just a nice long nap. I’m not saying that on Father’s Day I want to be left entirely alone because there’s nothing better in life than smooshing your face into a soft baby cheek or laughing with your kids over a shared joke. But if I had to choose between a 20-minute snooze in front of the TV and my family organizing an epic playdate that takes up the whole afternoon? I’d pick the nap every time. They’ve been taking care of the kids all day, and now it’s your turn.

A Subscription boxes

Are you having trouble deciding what to get your husband for Father’s Day? Look no further! The box has all the essentials for the father in your life. What does it include?

  • A screwdriver (in case he needs to assemble something)
  • A hammer (in case he needs to fix something)
  • A water bottle (for when he’s thirsty)
  • An alarm clock (so he doesn’t miss anything)
  • Some snacks (because everyone gets hungry sometimes)
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Whether you want to treat him to some new socks, a good book, or some wine and cheese, there are tons of options.

If you’re still looking for a gift for Dad this Father’s Day, don’t stress! We have some great last-minute subscription box ideas that are sure to make him feel loved this June. While different folks will likely look for different things, the above list should give you a good starting point. This is by no means an exhaustive list—but hopefully, it’ll help you figure out what to get your husband on Father’s Day.

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