WhatsApp Link Generator Feature And Its Impact On Your Business
WhatsApp Link Generator Feature And Its Impact On Your Business

WhatsApp Link Generator Feature And Its Impact On Your Business

This post was most recently updated on June 29th, 2021

For any business, ease of accessibility should be a primary focus and WhatsApp Link Generator is helping them by doing just that! WhatsApp Link Generator helps in giving your customers an easily clickable link to connect with you instantly.

But How Does WhatApp Link Generator Feature work?

WhatsApp Link generator feature helps you create unique WhatsApp links that can be shared on social media platforms and social posts as a click-to-chat feature. By clicking on the link, your customers can instantly start a chat with you. It neither requires you or your customer to save each other’s number to chat with each other.

WhatsApp Business link generator can be an easy medium to attract potential leads and nurture them into clients and increase conversion rates. WhatsApp API link generator which works with SocialEpoch SCRM can be used to send custom messages along with a clickable link to any number you want.

Unlike any other WhatsApp URL generator, SocialEpoch is completely hassle-free. You can create WhatsApp links in seconds and send them directly on a number or shared them on social media posts. You can also create a WhatsApp Link and embed it as a clickable menu on your website for your visitors.


How to Use WhatsApp Link Generator For Your Business

WhatsApp link generator can be used to generate clickable links which can be further be shared through the following mediums:

  1. Website Clickable CTAs:

People visiting your website would like to know more about your business or a product/service. By embedding the clickable WhatsApp link on your website in the form of CTA, you can easily get interested leads to start a conversation with you. 

  • Social Media Bio:
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While these social media sites allow your audience to know you better, you can use the bio section of these sites to share the clickable WhatsApp link and invite them for personal one-on-one conversations or group chats.

  • E-mail marketing:

E-mail marketing is the most cliche technique to market your business or product. And while you are at it, you can include a WhatsApp link-based CTA inviting them to connect with you directly. This can build trust among your audience and increase the chance of getting a response.

  • SMS marketing

WhatsApp chat link can also be shared through SMS or text-based marketing as long as you have your recipient’s number.

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How WhatsApp Link Generator Impacts Businesses

Customers these days are more technology savvy and like to have a more direct and easy means to reach out to businesses. This has pushed several big and small businesses to opt for WhatsApp for business communications. 66% of people prefer talking to businesses over WhatsApp and trusts businesses that are available on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp link generators help businesses offer their customers a click-to-chat option increasing their likelihood of finding potential leads and connecting with them.


Interacting with customers on a personal level helps businesses to figure out their expectations and experience and helps in addressing them. WhatsApp link generator produced invite helps initiate what could turn into a strong personal bond which could lead to brand loyalty and results in long term retention



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