Where Can I Get Curly Extensions To Perfectly Blend My Natural Hair?

Where Can I Get Curly Extensions To Perfectly Blend My Natural Hair
Where Can I Get Curly Extensions To Perfectly Blend My Natural Hair?


Curly ponytail style

As beautiful as natural hair is, choosing the appropriate style or product can be a time-consuming process of trial and error. That’s why hair extensions have become a must-have beauty staple for many women.

Hair extensions can help protect your natural hair. Braids and crochet twists don’t provide you the versatility to wear stunning hairstyles that extensions do. With so many alternatives available, deciding which curly hair extensions are best for you can be tough.

So, without further ado, let’s get to where you can get the best curly human hair extensions that will blend seamlessly with your natural hair!

Indique Virgin Hair For The Best Hair Extensions

Indique Virgin Hair Extensions

As we have mentioned earlier, so many brands sell hair extensions, but there is a wide gap in the market for good quality curly and coily hair extensions.

Here are a few notable reasons why Indique Virgin Hair is the best place to get curly hair extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

  • First of all, Indique Virgin Hair has filled that gap and has made it easier for women with curly and coily hair to experiment with their virgin Indian hair weaves and extensions.
  • Indique provides a ton of options with its products. You can shop by textures and collections; they have many coily and curly clip-in hair extensions, wigs, weaves, braiding hair, frontals & closures– all made of Indian virgin hair!
  • All of Indique’s products are steam processed, and curly and coily weaves, wigs, and extensions are completely hand-made. The tight coil and curls go through rigorous braiding before being steam processed. Every strand of hair is hand-picked. Indique’s manufacturing process makes them stand out among other brands, primarily dependent on machines and chemicals to create curls and coils.
  • The straight, wavy, curly, coily braiding hair and weaves are put together manually, and their stunning lace front wigs, frontals, and closures are hand-sewn onto the lace. 
  • All of their coily and curly hair extensions blend seamlessly with natural hair and are extremely durable, but you have to put in effort to maintain them.
  • Indique Virgin Hair also has a collection of machine-drawn weaves and clip-ins perfect for dense hair.
  • If maintained properly, you can reuse Indique weaves after taking your sew-ins down, which is unheard of in the hair industry. You can color the weaves and add clip-ins to reuse their beautiful, healthy weaves.
  • Lastly, all of Indique’s Indian virgin hair is ethically sourced from India.
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Best Curly Hair Extensions For Natural Hair by Indique

Now you understand why Indique Virgin Hair Extensions is the best place to get curly hair extensions, let’s look at their gorgeous coily and curly hair extensions that will leave you in awe!

Pure Curly Hair Extension

Head full of curly ringlets

Among the many collections that Indique Virgin Hair carries, Pure Collection is the creme de la creme. Pure Curly from this collection is an assortment of virgin Indian hair that is completely untouched. 

With Pure Curly, you can have a head full of mesmerizing ringlets with gorgeous volume! Whether you choose a full or partial sew-in with or without leave-out, the result will be out of this world!

The curly hair extensions have beautifully soft and lightweight curls that you can straighten for a sleek style. The hair will return to its curly patterns once washed. You can even use a curling iron to accentuate the curls! Alternatively, you create a fuller look once the hair is completely dry.

Bounce Coil Curl Hair Extension

Bounce Coil Curl

The luscious curls of Bounce Coil Curl have beautifully defined soft, and voluminous patterns. The steam processed hair with medium luster provides a heavily textured look. 

You can use this beautiful coil curl extension for a sew-in or create a stunning wig. You can also comb it for an extremely natural-looking afro style! Unlike Pure Curly, it’s not recommended to straighten Bounce Coil Curl Extensions often; otherwise, the extension will lose its tight pattern.

Similar to Indique’s other hair extensions, Bounce Coil Curl is low maintenance, and you can easily revive the curls with a bit of water.

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Bounce Organic Curl Hair Extension

The seamless blend

As mentioned earlier, there’s a gap in the market for quality curly and coily hair, but Indique’s Bounce Organic Curl Extension has helped fill that gap.

Your search for a naturally kinky, soft, and lightweight extension ends here! The chemical-free Indian virgin hair offers a fuller look with medium luster and replicates natural kinky hair.

To preserve the softness and manageability of Bounce Organic extension, use a small amount of French Argan Oil.

Note: When you first wash and comb Bounce Organic Curl, you will notice a bit of strand release. It is normal and happens because the extension is hand-made and processed with steam.

Remix Coil Curl Clip-In Extension

Coily curls for natural hair

This Remix Coil Curl Clip-In Extension has a medium luster and beautiful spiral curl pattern. It is made entirely of machine-drawn virgin hair before the clips are manually secured on the tracks. 

The 10-piece clip-in hair extensions are available in five different sized wefts for added versatility and ease of use. So whether you install the clips between your natural hair or braid your hair before installing the clip-ins, you will achieve a seamless result.

Since the Remix Coil Curl Clip-In is treated to a 1B tone, additional coloring services are not recommended to maintain the hair.

Remix Curly Clip-In Hair Extension

Softer curls

If you want a softer curly hairstyle with high luster and a lot of body without bulkiness, Remix Curly Clip-In Extension is fantastic. 

Like Remix Coil Curl, Remix Curly has also been treated to 1B color. It is a 10-piece set that allows you to experiment with different styles and add length & volume to different parts of your hair.

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French Refined Braiding Hair

Curly hair your way!

Indique’s Braiding Hair is free of tracks, and they offer various curly textures. French Refined Braiding Hair is a popular product that you can use for permanent styles like crochet and fusion for more versatility. The braiding hair is made with 100% Indian human hair and is available in 7 colors.

Note: It is recommended not to color or process this braiding hair since it is not virgin.

Honorable Mentions Of Curly Hair Extensions

Indique has a sea of curly hair extensions, wigs, and weaves that we couldn’t fit all of their natural virgin hair products in our list above. So, here are some more curly hair curated just for you.

  • SEA Fiji Curl Lace Front Wig has beautiful corkscrew curls and provides freestyle parting.
  • Pure Curly Lace Front Wig has gorgeous soft curls that you can straighten for a sleek style.
  • Remix Organic Curl Clip-In with slightly uniformed spiral curls for those looking for a natural look. 
  • Remix Coil Curl Drawstring Ponytail has gorgeous spiral curls and is easy to wear.


Indique Virgin Hair Extensions is where you can get many curly hair extensions that will blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Indique has stood out for decades because all its hair is ethically sourced, hand-made, and steam processed, unlike their competitor. The quality of their products has made Indique the go-to brand for their curly and coily hair needs.

So, get the best clip-in hair extensions and weaves today because they are selling out fast!!


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