Where to Find the Best Halong Bay Muslim Tour?

Where to Find the Best Halong Bay Muslim Tour?
Where to Find the Best Halong Bay Muslim Tour?

For every Muslim, it is concerned to find the best Muslim tour in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Look no further! This article will provide you with four Muslim-friendly Halong Bay cruise tours. So keep reading to explore!

Muslim tourists, who follow the Halal diet, are very strict about traveling abroad, especially in a non-Muslim country like Vietnam. The good news is that there are various picks for a Halong Bay Muslim tour and Halal restaurants to serve such travelers.

Halal food in Halong Bay is increasingly popular among Mulsim tourists. That’s why Halong Bay is considered one of the best Muslim-friendly destinations around the world.

Now, let’s explore the suggestions for the best Halong Bay Muslim tours that may inspire you on your next vacation.

Mon Cheri Cruise

Mon Cheri Cruise has always been one of the leading cruises providing the best Halong Bay trips. It is the first choice for all tourists, including Muslim ones, to explore this wonder of the world.

The perfect combination of metal shells and wood has given Mon Cheri Cruise a stylish yet elegant look. Various luxurious staterooms are available here, sure to bring you beautiful nights on this poetic bay. By joining Mon Cheri, you will enjoy professional and high-quality services. The staff here are professionally trained to give visitors an experience worth their money.

So, what makes this cruise Muslim-friendly? The answer lies in the unique menu they offer. Being the very first Halong cruise with Halal food, Mon Cheri’s menu is a perfect fusion of Asia and Europe, which will satisfy all diners, including Muslims. Moreover, it offers the first and only authentic Halal Food in Halong and Lan Ha Bay. Besides, it even owns a Halal food certificate.

In addition, they also offer other unique menus to meet the particular needs of visitors, such as kosher food of the Jewish, vegetarian, and gluten-free.

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Don’t miss the chance to enjoy its luxury facilities and services, including:

  • Halal Restaurant: Mon Cheri’s charming restaurant is located on the 2nd floor, with a food court including a Halal menu thoughtfully prepared to serve guests in the best way.
  • Gym: Although not too large, the gym on board is still fully equipped with the most basic equipment.
  • Mini Golf: If you are a golf fanatic, the mini-golf course on the top deck will be the ideal place for you.
  • Spa & massage room: This place is ideal for relaxation. You will have moments of extreme comfort thanks to professional care treatments from skilled professionals.

Peony Cruise

Peony Cruise is one of the most luxurious cruises in Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay. This cruise is the perfect blend of European glamour and Vietnamese charm. Coming to Peony Cruise, you can expect to receive a unique experience. 

Peony Cruises is always proud to be the first cruise in Ha Long Bay to serve Halal food. In addition, it has also obtained the Halal Certification of the Vietnam Halal Association, making it the ideal pick for Muslims. In addition, this Halong Bay Muslim-friendly cruise tour also caters to all special diets, including Kosher, Gluten-free, and vegetarian.

Generally, Peony will surely bring beautiful moments to your Halong Bay cruise with professional service and an experienced, experienced, and polite crew.

The following are outstanding services and facilities of Peony Cruise:

  • Restaurant: Peony Cruise’s luxurious restaurant offers guests a magnificent dining area equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. As a result, you will have attractive and memorable culinary experiences on board.
  • Wellness and Spa: This charming yacht also features massage and spa facilities to provide guests with superb beauty and care treatments.
  • Sundeck: The sun loungers are arranged neatly around the bathing area. What could be better than enjoying a fancy cocktail, the fresh air, and pure sunshine in a beautiful bay?
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Scarlet Pearl

This steel vessel is considered one of the best Halong Bay Muslim tours for tourists who prefer to stay in a floating hotel. This exotic catamaran-style cruise delivers the ultimate in top-notch and luxury amenities. Scarlet Pearl is well-furnished and offers unrivaled itineraries that allow you to explore one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

This modern vessel is designed with sustainable tourism in mind. The proof is that it comes with an eco-energy-saving system that focuses on reducing the environmental burden. It is also a factor that makes this yacht one of the most recommended options among the best cruises in Halong Bay. As a 5-star luxury yacht, Scarlet Pearl promises to bring guests the most beautiful experience in the romantic Halong Bay, one of the places with the most spectacular scenery in Vietnam.

Scarlet Pearl doesn’t serve halal food, but that doesn’t mean it’s not Muslim-friendly. Scarlet Pearl serves a menu that includes both Vietnamese and Western cuisines, bringing diverse culinary experiences to diners. In addition, the luxury yacht’s skilled chefs prepare unique gluten-free or vegan dishes upon request.

Also, don’t miss the highlight services and facilities of this yacht:

  • Pearl Museum: This place will give you in-depth knowledge about pearl history and Halong Bay. You will have the opportunity to learn about the pearl production process and buy natural pearls as a souvenir.
  • Bars and Restaurants: Enjoy your favorite foods and drinks at the Sky Bar, Bar Bistro, and Tahiti Restaurant, which are located on the 3rd floor.
  • Spa and Massage: Relax your mind and body with a 1-hour massage delivered by the well-trained experts on board. Thai massage techniques of these experts will help you relax muscles effectively.

Orchid Classic Cruise

The Orchid Cruise officially entered service in 2016. This polished vessel is a luxurious combination of tempered steel shell and a classic wooden interior. Therefore, it is unsurprising that this yacht features a mix of sophisticated European and ancient Asian.

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Orchid Classic Cruise allows guests to enjoy a memorable vacation with bold Indochinese flair. It has 14 cabins, each spacious, and comes with a private bath and a balcony with panoramic views.

With an outdoor bar, rich cuisine mixing Asian – European flavors, and an outdoor Jacuzzi, this yacht will bring you great experiences when enjoying and discovering the mysterious beauty of this dreamy bay.

When it comes to meals on board, visitors will be served traditional Vietnamese seafood dishes, fresh and nutritious. 

You must contact cruise management if you follow a special diet such as fruit-based, vegetarian, gluten-free, or lactose-free.

Here are other highlight facilities and services:

  • Spa: This area is located on the first deck of this cruise. You will enjoy professional health care massage services, rejuvenating body treatments, facials, and foot care here.
  • Restaurant: Its restaurant is located on the second deck and is designed fully wooden to make the ambiance romantic. 
  • Sundeck: This area is located on the top deck of the Orchid Classic. It is a place where you can fully absorb the sunshine, which helps you to have the most refreshing enjoyment and fresh air in the bay.
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi: This circular jacuzzi is located on the second deck, at the bow. This place will give you a beautiful view of Cat Ba Island and a refreshing atmosphere.

Voila, you’ve got it! Above are 4 cruises that can bring you the best Halong bay Muslim tour.

Admire the beauty of one of the most beautiful bays in the world, enjoy Halal food or various other delicious dishes, participate in exciting activities on board, and much more, so what more can you expect? Let’s check out the top Halong Bay Muslim tours at BestPrice Travel!


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