Which is the Healthiest Decaf Coffee

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Yes, you heard it right! Decaf coffee, in essence, is not coffee at all! Deep brown coloured water in a cup is all that makes up decaffeinated coffee. Well, if you have already accepted that decaf coffee is not one amongst those flavoursome, refreshing drinks, it’s time to rethink, retry and reenergise! New techniques, processes and methods have created contemporary decaf varieties that are not too different from the caffeine based brands. Very much like caffeinated flavours, decafs also exhibit variations in flavour, taste, aroma, after taste and overall feel. The best decaf for your morning routine could be decided right after you finish reading this segment!

Choose By Convenience

Coffee may be the preferred choice for the beverage world, but if you’re looking out to celebrate your drink beyond coffee flavours, decaf brands are a must try! Coffee brands and decaf brands are very much in-line and just vary with the different types. Some of the popular types are: Bag Decaf- for the dip and shake communities, Bean Decaf- for people who prefer the full form roasted varieties, Instant Decaf- Stir and Sip hoppers, this is for you! Ground Decaf – For lovers of French Press or Filter Coffee machines, Social Brew Decaf Coffee Brazil Single Origin and last but not the least, Pod Decaf –For those who want to try single use coffee pods.

Choose by the ‘Caffeine Free’ percentage

Finding decaf varieties that have 97% of caffeine taken off from their beans, leaves 7 mg of caffeine element in a 236 ml cup. Coming close to being caffeine free, it’s best to search for decafs with decaffeination efficacy above 97%.

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Choose by Decaf Process

Caffeine in our coffee could actually be extracted in multiple numbers of ways. Some of them are commonly used, while others are more effective than the rest. Talking about the Swiss Water Process, 99.99% of the Caffeine is removed without the usage of any chemicals. The quality standards beneath different labels could be judged easily by the process underneath.

These points and more are sure to churn your knowledge about choosing the best decaf coffee beans from the market. The goodness of coffee definitely stands with these specialities in various blends.  You can also buy best kona coffee beans from Social Brew’s official website.

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