Who are 17 Dragons in House of the Dragon

Who are 17 Dragons in House of the Dragon
Who are 17 Dragons in House of the Dragon
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House of the Dragon is the latest HBO prequel series representing about 200 years in Westeros before the events of Game of Thrones. The series is co-created by Condal and Martin, showcasing the most powerful Targaryen family line along with their fantastical companions, the dragons. 

The House of Dragon is the adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s novel Fire & Blood and the story of House of Targaryen is a myth. Although it is a prequel of the Game of Thrones, both shows have distinct features. 

The Backstory of the House of Dragon

Due to a volcanic eruption in Valyria, most of the dragons of Westeros were killed. But, fortunately, those owned by House Targaryen survived and they were then used by Targaryens to conquer Westeros and form the Seven Kingdoms. The timeline of Targaryen’s reign over Westeros is featured heavily in the show.

How Many Dragons will be in House of the Dragon?

While Game of Thrones featured only Daenerys Targaryen’s three dragons prominently – Viserion, Rhaegal, and Drogon, House of Dragons will feature 17 different dragons. Due to the lack of dragons in the most part of its first season, it makes the show more remarkable when three of them are born during the finale.

Each of them has distinct appearance, behavior, action, personality, but most prominently, how they bonded with their riders. They mirror the attitude and temperament of its Targaryen rider and the years spent in flying into battles of glory and conquest. All of these ideas have been incorporated into the series according to the novel.

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House of the Dragon: Dance of Dragons

Dragons from Game of Thrones were easier to keep track of. Putting three eggs into the fire, Daenerys Stormborn emerged from the ashes with three “children.” Each one had a distinctive colour, that’s all. The black dragon Drogon was Khaleesi’s favourite, the biggest, and the one she soared on.

The Night King transformed the gold Viserion into an ice dragon that was now undead. Then there came the green Rhaegal, which Jon Snow claimed. Watch House of the Dragon online, however, “fire made flesh” will invade the skies above Westeros. In the prequel series, House Targaryen will be depicted at their most powerful, when they had 17 dragons before the civil war, aka “Dance of Dragons”.

17 Dragons in the House of the Dragon

Here is an each of the dragon’s breakdown that will be seen in House of the Dragon:

Daemon Targaryen’s Dragon: Caraxes

Daemon Targaryen, portrayed by Matt Smith, will be one of the main characters in House of the Dragon. One of the show’s key beasts will be the dragon friend of Daemon. Caraxes, the dragon owned by Daemon, is one of the more mature and substantial members of the Targaryen clan.

Caraxes is known as the Blood Wyrm because of the red tint of his scales. Aemon Targaryen first sat atop Caraxes, but Aemon was murdered by a crossbow bolt, leaving Caraxes without a rider. The beast was then claimed by Aemon’s nephew Daemon in 105 AC.

Rhaenyra Targaryen’s Dragon: Syrax

Young Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen was mounted by the enormous yellow-scaled she-dragon known as Syrax in 104 AC. One of the prominent characters in House of the Dragon is Rhaenyra Targaryen, who is Daemon’s niece and is portrayed by Ella D’Arcy. Syrax is bigger than most dragons despite not being as massive or fierce in battle as Caraxes. Rhaenyra gave Syrax the name Syrax in honour of a Valyrian goddess, indicating that Rhaenyra was Syrax’s first rider.

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Rhaenys Targaryen’s Dragon: Meleys

Princess Rhaenys Velaryon, aka “The Queen Who Never Was,” was King Visery’s cousin. In 87 AC, she formed a link with the quick red and pink she-dragon, named Meleys, and became the second Targaryen to ride it. Like Caraxes, which gave her the nickname “The Red Queen.” Meleys is one of the oldest and largest dragons after Vhagar.

Hugh the Hammer’s Dragon: Vermithor

The Old King Jaeherys I, who ruled House Targaryen for the longest period of time, owned one of the largest dragons. Vermithor, often known as the Bronze Fury, was once Westeros’ third-largest dragon after Balerion and Vhagar. In Fire & Blood, Vermithor is depicted ultimately being ridden by Hugh the Hammer, a brute, during the Targaryen civil war known as the Dance of Dragons.

Aegon Targaryen’s Dragon: Sunfyre

Sunfyre is known as Sunfyre the Golden due to his gleaming golden scales. One thing that is interesting about Sunfyre is his golden flames that seem to match the color of his scaling. He bonded with Rhaenyra’s younger half-brother Aegon in 120 AC. Sunfyre, despite being one of the younger dragons on the show, is still massive in scale. 

Daeron Targaryen’s Dragon: Tessarion

The female dragon Tessarion is ridden by Prince Daeron Targaryen, Aegon’s younger brother. In 120 AC, she formed a friendship with Prince Daeron Targaryen. Tessarion, like Meleys, is referred to as the “Blue Queen” because of the dark cobalt blue hue of her dragonflame and wings, as well as the copper scales and trim. Tessarion, like Sunfyre, has flames that glow a vivid blue similar to the colour of her scales.

Ameond Targaryen’s Dragon: Vhagar

Aemond Targaryen, the brother of Daeron and Aegon, rides a dragon alongside his siblings and is one of the three dragons (first named by Queen Visenya) that assisted Aegon and his sisters in capturing Westeros. Vhagar, one of the three dragons that the Targaryens used to slay the Seven Kingdoms, is ridden by Aemond. It is one of Westeros’ largest dragons at the time of House of the Dragon, second only to Balerion in size. The youthful Prince Aemond Targaryen served as Vhagar’s final rider in 120 AC. Vhagar is a bronze dragon with green/blue accents and striking green eyes.

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Other Dragons in the House of Dragon


Around 120 AC, Dreamfyre, a small, pale blue she-dragon with silver wings, took on Helaena Targaryen as his second rider. Halaena is the sister of Aemond, Daeron, and Aegon. Rhaena Targaryen, the granddaughter of Aegon the Conqueror, rode Dreamfyre for the first time.


 By the year 101 A.C., the silver-gray dragon had accepted Laenor Velaryon (the son of Rhaenys Targaryen) as its rider. Dragonstone is the habitat of Seasmoke. The bastard Addam of Hull eventually claims Seasmoke during the Dance of Dragons. Addam of Hull later gained legitimacy during the Dance as Addam Valeryon.


Moondancer, one of the younger dragons in House of the Dragon, is ridden by Baela Targaryen. Baela is the daughter of Matt Smith’s Daemon Targaryen. Moondancer was only the size of a warhorse when Baela first mounted her. A slim, green dragon named Moondancer is described as being extremely swift both on land and in the air.

Silverwing (Ulf White’s Dragon): 

Ulf White, a Targaryen bastard, rides Silverwing during the Dance of the Dragons. Silverwing is his dragon. Alysanne Targaryen, the grandmother of King Viserys, first rode Silverwing, a silver dragon who was placid and incredibly amiable to outsiders.


Sheepstealer, a wild dragon from Dragonstone like Seasmoke, got his name from his liking for mutton. Sheepstealer is a mud-brown dragon that has only ever had one rider, Nettles, who tamed him by feeding him new mutton every day until he warmed up to her.

Vermax, Arrax, and Tyraxes:

Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey, the three sons of Rhaenyra, ride Vermax, Arrax, and Tyraxes, respectively. Although Harry Collett’s casting as Jacaerys makes Vermax likely to be in House of the Dragon, Lucerys and Joffrey have not yet been cast, thus their dragons might not appear until later seasons.

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