Why Elderly Drivers are a Threat to Pedestrians in Chicago

Chicago is considered one of the worst cities for driving. Probably because of the densely populated roads and streets with cars, bicycles, trucks, and other vehicles. The city also consists of many pedestrians and cyclists and one-direction streets, which is also why people call it the driving city. However, because of too much traffic and one-way direction streets, many accidents occur in the city. If you want to know more about pedestrian accidents, how often they occur, what to do if you get involved in such an accident and why elderlies are a threat to pedestrians, speak with a personal injury lawyer. Though accidents can happen to anyone and anytime but among all the different age groups, elderly drivers are considered to be a threat to pedestrians. Several research studies have confirmed that the negligence of elderly drivers causes most accidents that occur with pedestrians. Here are a few reasons why elderly drivers can be a threat.

Slow Reactions

With age,the corpus callousness, a part of the human brain, begins to break down. This leads to slow reaction times. Regarding driving, it is essential to respond quickly to any situation because accidents can occur due to the other person’s negligence. Hence, you must be careful, attentive,and quickly respond to save yourself from colliding with any other vehicle or object. Unfortunately, older adultscannot respond rapidly because of their health conditions. Therefore, they are considered to be a threat to pedestrians.

Visual Impairment

Eyesight issues are widespread among older people. According to research, older adults cannot spot any danger, objects, and at times even speed breakers, potholes, bumps, etc., because of their blurred or weak vision. This is because, with age, the vision of the elders is impaired as their organs lose their full function.Therefore, visual impairment is another reason why the elderly must avoid driving.

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Older adults are more likely to suffer from severe health conditions that need medical attention. Usually, older adults have to stay on medications for the rest of their lives. The problem is that when the drugs inside certain medicines start to work, people experience dizziness, drowsiness, concussion, and so on; an elderly driver, after taking certain medications,can impair their driving and cause dreadful accidents.

Memory Loss Issues

Loss of memory is another common issue faced by older people. As a result, these people often forget the driving rules or road safety rules. Driving in a condition where you are almost unaware of the primary driving rules and laws can lead to some hazardous situations, and you can become a threat mainly to pedestrians.

All of the reasons mentioned above are more than enough to explain why elderly people must avoid driving. However, there are more reasons, such as the inability to control the vehicle due to muscular pain or difficulty in movement, confusion about the traffic signs, struggles with headlight glare, and so on. In addition, the government must not allow older people to drive significantly if they suffer from a specific medical condition, as it can risk their and many people’s lives.

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