Why invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad? 

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The ex-PM Imran Khan had come with the aim to provide affordable housing to Pakistanis. The result of this promise was various housing projects affiliated with Govt. of Pakistan. One of these is Kingdom Valley Islamabad, which is a flagship project of Kingdom Valley Islamabad Pvt. Limited. The Kingdom Group has come with the aim to make housing affordable in the area of Islamabad.

Kingdom Valley lies in one of the most accessible locations in Islamabad and will bring multiple benefits to investors. Those who are interested in the purchase of a plot can benefit from this golden opportunity.

Here is a brief overview of Kingdom Valley Islamabad and how it can be a beneficial investment for readers.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad – Innovative Housing Project

The developers of Kingdom Valley Islamabad have adopted an innovative approach to real estate development. They have mixed affordability with high-end and sustainable housing. Thus, the investors will get the maximum possible benefits from their investments. Those who plan to make Kingdom Valley their home will find it one of the most reliable housing options.

The developers of Kingdom Valley Islamabad have hired highly exceptional professionals for jobs from planning to development. Thus, the investment from customers will be secure and bring maximum benefits in a minimum time. Also, those who intend to live in a serene location in Islamabad will find it the best option.

Reasons to invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

There are many reasons for investment in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Some of these are given as follows.

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Prime Location

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is located in a prime area. It is easily accessible via Lahore – Islamabad Motorway (M2) and can be easily accessed from Chakri Interchange. The accessible location and speedy development in its nearby area have made it a prime interest for developers.

It can be easily accessed via multiple routes. These include Rawat – Chakbeli Road, Rawalpindi – Kohat Road, Adiala Road, Chakri Road, etc.

NOC Approved

Kingdom Valley Islamabad NOC has been approved by the authorities concerned. The NOC for this housing project can be verified using registration number DRG/PHATA/2176-2021. As this project is affiliated with Naya Pakistan Housing Project, there is little to worry about its legitimacy. Those who are interested in purchasing a plot can invest their money without any fear of loss.

NOC is one of the main prerequisites for a housing project, and the developers of this project have ensured its approval. As the NOC has been approved, the developmental work on the project is ongoing, and it will be completed soon.

Experienced Developers

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is being developed by Kingdom Group. The mentioned company has a wide experience in the real estate business. They have worked on both real estate management and development. Their projects are known for sustainability and affordability.

They have experience in other areas as well, which include sales, media, digital marketing, architectural management, etc.

Value for Money

The project of Kingdom Valley Islamabad will bring value for money invested. As the project has been approved by authorities concerned, there has been a rise in plot demand seen. The increase in demand has resulted in an increase in plot price value. Thus, the investors will get multifold benefits from their investment in the longer run.  

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Payment Plan

The payment plan details for Kingdom Valley Islamabad have been shared by the developers. The payment plan for this project is affordable, and the investors can avail both commercial and residential plots.

The plot sizes include 5, 7, 8, and 10 marla in the residential category, while there are 1 marla and 2 marla plots available in the commercial category. There is an installment plan for those who can’t afford to pay the price of lumpsum. While there are several blocks that offer different categories of plots to the investors. These include Residential Block, Commercial Block, Farmhouses Block, Kingdom Villas, and Overseas Executive Block.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a premium housing project that brings a unique housing opportunity to investors. It is an approved project that brings high-end commercial and residential plots at an affordable cost. Thus, those who want to invest in this housing project can book their plot by contacting authorized dealers or visiting the head office. It is a unique opportunity, and the plot prices might increase later, so investors should book their plots as soon as possible.

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