Why is live betting gaining popularity?

Why is live betting gaining popularity?
Why is live betting gaining popularity?

Traditionally we’ve all been used to predicting the outcome of sports events – and then making a judgment in advance about what will happen.

We’ve expected to make a wager based on odds that are calculated before the event starts. Then we sit back and watch what happens. 

It sometimes made sports betting an edge of the seat thrill. The internet revolution in online gaming means that there are exciting new ways to place bets on events. Live betting has arrived and it’s transforming the way we are betting online.

This ‘in-play betting’ system is allowing fans to interact much more closely with any sporting event. It means you can carry on the prediction game after an event has started.

The fun carries on throughout the game. If you’ve losing heavily the odds will probably soar. Perhaps you thin there may be a brilliant fightback in the second half – well now you can back that hunch. Viewers are now able to place bets right through the game as the odds change constantly depending on what’s happening.

It is all thanks to the technological advances that have allowed the odds to be constantly recalculated throughout a sporting event. Imagine how difficult that would have been for human bookies back in the old days.

They would have to re-calculate after every change in a football game or as each wicket fell in a cricket match. And they’d have to keep complex records of which bets were placed when and at what odds. It would have been impossible for even the biggest sports betting operation.

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Now of course it’s all available anytime, anywhere thanks to online sports betting. Through a smartphone or tablet, sports fans can easily access all the latest odds and see how they change.

The savvy punter can wait for the right moment and get the best possible odds on what they predict is going to happen. Expect a last minute winner? Why not wait and place the bet when most people have given up expecting it. Got a feeling that there will be a twist in the game? Now you’ve got a chance to back that prediction.

It’s all about getting the best odds and using your knowledge of the sport. Live betting is also a way of keeping the fun and excitement constant throughout a game.

It’s no longer all over when one team takes a commanding lead. There are plenty of other things to bet on now too.

Live betting allows fans to bet on all sorts of factors in a sporting event. It could be the number of fouls or the score at halftime in a football match. 

Or fans might bet on who scores the first try at rugby or take the first wicket in cricket. Who will score most points in the big basketball game and who will get a birdie in the golf? Online esports operations have the technology and capacity to take many more types of bets at many more times during a game. Their computers can be constantly recalculating and posting the odds online especially when it comes to Madden Pro events. 

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The old bricks-and-mortar betting operations would not have been able to cope with these sort of rapid changes and they would not have been able to offer so many betting options.

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Some critics have worried that the boom in live betting will encourage more impulsive gambling by sports fans. They worry that it’s simply too enticing. Experts say that there’s no evidence of this so far.

In fact live betting seems to encourage a more thoughtful betting pattern that is more closely linked to watching and understand the game itself.

Using technology

The advances in mobile network coverage and faster transmission mean that more and more of us can enjoy the fun of following and predicting sports events live. This can now happen at any time and wherever you are.

The industry is predicting that the era of 5G speeds will further enhance this convenience. 

Live sports betting will become even slicker and more seamless than ever.

And more sports fans are likely to download and use apps from sports betting sites to make it quick and easy to follow their favourite games. There will be increased competition from these leading sites.

So watch out for more and more great special deals and offers to attract fans to choose between the different competing esports apps.

It’s all going to be about making following and betting on sport easier, quicker and more adaptable for customers. Fans may not always win every bet that they place – but the way live sports betting is progressing they’re going to have a lot more fun in the future whatever happens.