Why it is important to fix the Loose Electrical Outlet Box?

Why it is important to fix the Loose Electrical Outlet Box?
Why it is important to fix the Loose Electrical Outlet Box?

This post was most recently updated on April 30th, 2022

Anything to do with electricity must be dealt with great caution.

Whether it’s about performing a task as trivial as inserting a plug into the socket or fixing the loose electrical outlet that specifically requires a great deal of care and precision, in case you think you think it falls under the DIY category.

There’s a class of people who get tempted to do everything on their own – flashing the flag of DIY but know that grave danger could be hiding behind the task of fixing the electrical outlet box which might just seem about tightening the nuts on the outside.

If you’re someone looking for a reliable electrician in Narre Warren, sit back and follow the post till the end to know why to never ignore the loose electrical outlet and always seek the professional to move it back to a safe place.

You’ll generally get a hold of a loose outlet box when it appears that it would fall off the wall or doesn’t seem to stay intact along the wall. Also, you can notice the impact on the faceplate which gives you the green light to schedule a visit of your electrician to get the electrical outlet in place.

Here’s why you shouldn’t give it an attempt yourself:

  • There might be a need to replace the outlet box which is a job best suited to an electrician
  • There might be a requirement to do a fresh drill to install a smaller outlet while ensuring the tight grip of the outlet which is best done by an emergency electrician from Main Beach coming along with the required stuff and proper equipment.
  •  A great risk of electrocution is involved if you choose to do it yourself. It might just work fine in some instances but for the other times when aren’t aware of its impact- going deep into the wires where the protective coating is already worn out,  you are putting you and your house at a great risk already.
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Here’s why you must get it done from a licensed Electrician:

  • Handling a task as delicate as fixing the outlet box requires professional skill and experience that comes along with a licensed electrician.
  • By assigning the task to a professional, you’ve already made a decision of keeping yourself and your property safe from any probable accident that could have happened at the instance of you handing a delicate task of fixing your loose outlet all by yourself.
  • The ultimate advantage of getting it done from professional denver electricians is to know whether or not you are complying with the codes and standards laid by the government.

Problems Caused  by a Loose Electrical Outlet

1.    Dispositioned or Cracked Faceplate:

Your faceplate could experience a crack or displacement as you pull the outlet against the faceplate. Please note it is not advisable to continue using an outlet with a cracked faceplate as it exposes the electrical wires and

2.    Inconsistent Power Supply:

When there’s a disbalance of power due to the loose outlet, you run your devices and batteries into the risk of being damaged as you plug them into the socket.

3.    Electrocution:

Turning a blind eye to a loose electrical outlet, you’re not only putting your devices at risk but coming under a great threat of receiving electric shocks.

In the worst-case scenario, it may further aggravate the level of catching the house fire – coming from the brunt of unprotected electrical wires and eventually causing fire accident to take the worst shape.

What’s happening behind the scenes?

If you ever come across a loose electrical outlet, here’s what’s happening behind the scene.

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The wires could be rubbing against one other, wearing off the protective coating – meant to provide safeguards against electrocution and other fire accidents.

So, from now on make it a point to get the licensed electrician to get to fix your concern and never leave a loose electrical outlet unattended.

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