Why Max Barber Decided To Purchase Dignity Gold Coin For Sion Trading Fze ?

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It took longer than anticipated for SION Trading FZE to purchase Cryptobontix from Arbitrade LLC. SION Trading FZE tweeted on June 16 that it had acquired all of the tokens that were regarded as essential assets in the business acquisition. It had been expected that the announcement of the formal acquisition of Cryptobontix would be made earlier than today (June 28, 2019), but it seems that there were some unreported concerns between the two parties during the 12-day wait. Numerous reports regarding the reason for the delay circulated on social media, but neither party verified any of them in formal contacts.

If “after the impending holiday season in the United States and Canada” refers to the upcoming Independence Day (July 4) holiday in the United States, it is unclear what it means. Canada Day, which falls on July 1 (Monday), marks the occasion of the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Canada’s unification into a single country.


At the very least, this will put many people at ease who have been concerned about the company’s lack of formal communications and the widespread rumors that have been circulating on social media. SION Trading FZE has recently purchased Cryptobontix, the company that issues four digital tokens whose value is predicted to be backed by precious metals and whose parent company, Scotia International of Nevada, specializes in precious metal mining.


This union appears to provide DIG and the other coins with the best opportunity to reach their maximum value.

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The following announcements from SION Trading FZE are anticipated to include a fresh “white paper” (cryptocurrency’s equivalent of a prospectus) and maybe an audit of the allegedly 435 U.S. tonnes of gold that the business has claimed to own for the DIG tokens backing.


This week, the updates Kent Swig made to his online curriculum vitae inspired many Dignity ($DIG) cryptocurrency token owners.

Swig oversees Dignity Holdings, LLC and all of its affiliated businesses as its chairman. This week’s updates to the online CV include the addition of three previously unlisted subsidiaries:

Prior to this, the cryptocurrency’s name (Dignity, not Dignity Gold) and symbol (DIG) were both listed (not DIGG). These modifications give weight to the common rumor that Dignity Gold may engage in an “exchange” of its current tokens.

A token swap is exactly what? In the simplest words, it is the organization that has the contract for the token performing a digital upgrade of an older version of an existing token with a newer version. The third iteration, for instance, is Dignity ($DIG).

A thorough gold bar audit would be done by Bureau Veritas, a renowned industry leader in precious metal auditing, in the near future, Dignity Gold LLC announced in a press release in August 2019.

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