Why Outsourcing SEO Makes Sense for Young SaaS Startups

Why Outsourcing SEO Makes Sense for Young SaaS Startups
Why Outsourcing SEO Makes Sense for Young SaaS Startups

Selling software as a service is challenging because your target audience is savvy business owners with a good understanding of technology. You cannot entice them with run-of-the-mill promotions and generic content. They dig deep to know your business better and pay attention to your website. You can hardly expect them to buy your offering unless your website is visible at the top of online searches.

A targeted search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is the only way to rank on top and sustain up there. You must invest in a proper plan as a startup, considering that the US has the largest SaaS market, claiming over 70% of the global share.  The estimated revenue of the industry in 2023 is US$135.10bn. The market potential is huge and online visibility can give your SaaS startup a fair share of revenues.

Since SEO is a consistent process, you must have a team working on it to keep the results in place. But young startups often want to stay lean. Hiring an in-house team to handle SEO may not be the best approach because it can burden your resources. Conversely, outsourcing can be the best solution for new companies running on shoestring budgets. The benefits of the model extend beyond cost savings.

Let us explain why SEO outsourcing is an ideal choice for young SaaS startups. 

Offers Niche Expertise 

Although SEO includes tried-and-tested steps such as site audits, content creation, link building, and on-site optimization, it has niche-specific nuances. Optimizing a SaaS website for ranking takes extensive expertise, from finding relevant keywords to creating valuable and informative content. You also need to be extra careful with link building.

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Working with a niche expert empowers your SaaS SEO plan, and the best way to do it is by outsourcing expertise. Begin with an SEO consulting session with a provider to understand how they can help your SaaS website thrive in a competitive landscape. You will realize that collaborating with an outsourcing partner is far better than hiring a team of marketers without experience in the software industry.

Cadence recommends defining your business goals and target audience in the first place and creating a strategy around them. A provider with a track record of working with SaaS companies brings the right experience you need to build a plan that delivers results. Further, outsourcing offers benefits like scalability, support, and cost-effectiveness, which are valuable for new businesses.

Provides Multiple Skill Sets

Besides bringing niche-specific expertise to your SaaS startup, outsourcing SEO also empowers your new business with multiple skill sets. You can get diverse skills from the same organization instead of struggling to hire a team of resources with the relevant ones. Here are a few skills you must have on board to run your campaigns:

  • Technical SEO
  • Content creation
  • Content marketing and link-building outreach
  • Web Designing

Besides the SEO basics, you may also want to run a digital marketing plan, including strategies like Pay-Per-Click advertising, cold email outreach, and conversion rate optimization. With an outsourcing partner by your side, you can get end-to-end services to cover all these fronts. Collaborating with them is surely a wise decision for a new SaaS startup. 

Access to Proven Tools and Strategies 

Successful SEO campaigns require more than skills, expertise, and experience. You also need reliable tools to audit, track, and measure results to fine-tune campaigns for better results. While some tools are free, most come for a price. Imagine the cost burden of your SaaS startup if you opt for an in-house model. You may end up paying hefty salaries and expensive subscriptions for SEO tools month after month.

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According to a survey, most small businesses set aside $500-$5,000 per month for SEO services. The in-house model may quickly deplete these funds, leaving you cutting corners with the essential tools. Outsourcing gives you access to proven tools and tested strategies for SaaS businesses.

You can save a ton with the bundled approach, where everything comes as a part of the deal. You can also scale your service plan as your business grows and expands its target market.

Summing Up

SEO is a critical component of SaaS marketing because a top-ranking website ensures visibility, reach, and reputation. It is even more crucial for a startup looking to build from scratch. But the cost of running SEO campaigns can be a reason to worry for new businesses with tight budgets.

Fortunately, outsourcing lets you maximize the gains without investing in a team. You can rely on an expert partner, so choose wisely and get your SaaS SEO plan on the right track.

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