Why Use 4K TV Animated Screensaver?

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Today, screensavers don’t serve the same protective purpose for which it was designed. In the past, they saved the screen from ‘Image burn-in’. When a non-moving object was displayed on a specific computer type for several hours, it would burn into the screen. Today, display technology has advanced and the incidents of ‘screen burn’ are impossible. You may wonder then why to use a 4K TV screensaver.

What is burn-in?

Smart devices with OLED screens are vulnerable to burn-in because of their improved contrast ratio and picture resolution. The burn-in incident occurs when an image or brand logo stays on the TV screen in a fixed position for several hours. The fixed image creates a ghostly image that remains even after the channel is changed or the TV is turned off. 

This can be an issue if you leave the TV screen on the same game or station for a long time. Download a 4K TV screensaver from Uscenes at affordable rates. The aquarium or fireplace screensavers keep the screen activated when it is not in use. The screensaver displays an animation that changes consistently. Thus the screen burn-in issue is resolved because there is no single image fixed on the screen for a long time. Check YouTube videos of how to install the 4K TV waterfall screensaver.

Pros of screensavers

  • Screensavers are entertaining. 
  • From story-telling animations to paradisiacal photographs slideshow, there is an interesting screensaver for everyone. 
  • It can add decorations and a festive mood during holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving.
  • It can add color and life to a room by displaying a virtual aquarium, fireplace, landscapes, snowflakes falling, etc. 
  • The videos are created with 20 minutes of looping background suitable for all types of the screen including LCD, OLED, QLED, Plasma, etc.
  • Corporate screensavers are password protected that can help employees maintain their computer data privacy. No one can gain access to their computer when they are away from the screen without a shutdown.
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There is a myth that screen savers are power savers. People need to understand what the screen savers genuinely ‘SAVE’. Screensavers don’t save energy but the screen burn-in incidents. A graphic-heavy 3D screensaver uses more energy, especially in gaming mode. 

Fortunately, with its drawback of using more energy the TV or computer screensavers save the screen from visible burn-in marks that stay there permanently. 

Why screensaver with animation and sound is popular?

Animations and interesting musical sounds create excitement. Children like animations and sounds screensaver with their favorite characters from TV shows or movies. For adults, it brings fun and relaxation to any ambiance, where work is demanding. 

Graphic designers and advertising experts choose animated screensavers because their jobs involve communicating precise messages within a short timeframe. Therefore they are attracted to animations with messages. These trigger ideas, which they can work. In a challenging situation, the sight of a funny animation reduces the tension. It helps them focus on their assigned project.

College students have to work on a variety of assignments. The sight of some funny animation on the screen makes them feel entertained, relaxed and inspiring. 

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