Why we should choose 16650 battery?

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What is a 16650 battery? How long does a 16650 battery last? Is it rechargeable? Where can I choose the best 16650 battery? When you have a lot of doubts about the 166650 battery, this article can take you to learn more details. let’s start.

What is 16650 battery?

The 16650 battery is a rechargeable lithium battery. The 16650 battery measures approximately D16 x H65 mm. It is slightly smaller than the 18650 battery, with a nominal voltage of 3.2 to 3.7 volts and a nominal capacity of 1800 to 2500 mAh.

Usually 16650 batteries need to work with BMS to avoid battery overcharge and overdischarge.

Additionally, 16650 cells differ in the physical shape of the anode. Some batteries have a flat tip, while others have a tip shape.

In addition, the 16650 battery has no memory function and can be charged at any time without a full charge.

What is 18650 battery?

18650 batteries are larger than 18650 batteries in size, only about D18 x H65 mm. The standard 18650 battery has 3.2~3.7 volts nominal voltage. And a capacity ranging from 1800 to 3500 mAh.

Where can I use a 16650 battery?

You can use this 16650 battery in many electronic devices. From small can be flashlights, bicycle lights to powerful equipment such as drilling rigs, electric cars, electric bicycles, lawn mowers. Battery packs for drone motors, e-bikes, etc. can also be made.

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How to choose the best 16650 battery for your device

16650 battery charging

First, you have to know how much power you need to power the device and the maximum length the rechargeable battery should fit inside the device.

The device wattage expressed in amps should be lower than the battery discharge (amps) you are using. You have to realize that strength is always defined by the needs of the device, up to the maximum that the 16650 battery can resist. This means that rechargeable batteries with higher discharge rates can be used for lower power devices

For example, if you have a flashlight that draws 12 amps, that will be max work, even though 16650 batteries have 30 amps or more.

Why should we choose 16650 battery?

More and more manufacturers are beginning to pursue the use of 16650 batteries. What are the reasons? We all know how important battery is for your laptop and many electronics. But are you sure that you are using the right battery type? If not, it may affect your battery life and may put your device in risk.

So, here we will give some reasons to choose 16650 battery.

The first reason is that 16650 batteries are more compatible with laptops which use higher voltage and capacity than other types of batteries, so they can protect your device well.

The second reason is that 16650 is a green product because it uses lithium ion technology which has low power consumption, doesn’t produce any pollution when charged and discharged, and has high recycling rate.

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The third reason is because this type of power cells has many safety protections by design so it could avoid fire or explosion while being used or stored when the temperature reach a certain level (which make this kind of batteries safer than the others).

Where I can find the best 16650 batteries?

ELB will be a good choice since they have complete production equipment and a variety of certifications meet market needs. ELB already develop 18650 battery, 18350 battery, 16650 battery, 14500 battery, 21700 battery etc. They have extensive experience and knowledge, as well as the necessary equipment to ensure the safety of, consistency in, and reliability of batteries. Also ELB already obtained ISO9001, ISO18001, CE, CB, RoHS, BIS, UL, KC, UN38.3 certification etc. 

16650 battery VS 18650 battery, what is the difference?


From the appearance alone, 16650 batteries and 18650 batteries have obvious size differences. The 18650 lithium battery is 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length. By comparison, the 16650 cell is 16mm in diameter and 65mm in length. So the 16650 battery and the 18650 battery have the same height, but the 18650 diameter is larger than the 16650 battery.


The 16650 battery is a specific size rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Usually made of lithium iron phosphate or nickel cobalt manganese ternary material. 18650 batteries and 16650 batteries have the same chemical composition.


Because the 16650 battery has the same chemistry as the 18650, both have the same voltage. Typically, both have a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts.


At present, the 18650 battery capacity is 1800~3500mAh, and the 16650 lithium-ion battery capacity is 1700~2500mAh.

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Overall, the 18650 battery has a larger capacity and therefore can store more energy. It can be used longer when fully charged. However, the 16650 batteries have a much lower capacity, but are all rechargeable batteries.


18650 battery and 16650 battery can basically be charged and discharged about 800-1000 times.

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