Why You Should Hire a Professional Tri Swim Coach

Tri Swim Coach
Tri Swim Coach
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What is tri swim training?

Imagine running, biking, and swimming in a single race. Why imagine if you can take part in one. This is what a triathlon is about. It includes all three of the same race. Among the three athletic performances, swimming is considered to be the riskiest.

This is why a triathlon starts with swimming when the athlete still has all his energy. The swimming competition is followed by biking and then running. The distance of each event is different. There are four official distances iron, half iron, Olympic, and sprint. Swimming competitions can be carried out in swimming pools, oceans, bays, and rivers.

Why Hiring a swimming coach is the best thing to do?

If you are reading this article, then chances are that you are already an athlete. However, if you have so far been making all the required efforts and still have not achieved any milestones then probably you should consider hiring a professional coach.

Swimming is the most challenging part of the triathlon and demands perfect fitness. A professional Tri Swim Coach can help you achieve what you have been unable to. How do you identify the perfect coach for you? Consider the below-mentioned details to find the best coach.


You will find many people claiming to be a triathlon coaches but you don’t want to end up in the wrong hands. The first and most important thing is to consider the credentials of your prospective tri swim coachAsk him for the certifications he has. There are many coaching certifications, you should look for the ones that matter, probably from reputable training organizations and authorities.

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Coaching Experience

Certifications alone will not do the trick. You should also consider the training experience of your coach. Training knowledge comes from experience. The more the experience, the easier it will be for the trainer to impart his knowledge to you. We would recommend an experience of at least three to five years if you want to get somewhere with your training.

Tri Swim Coach
Tri Swim Coach

Race Experience:

Race experience is without any doubt, not an ordinary achievement. Your coach should at least be ahead of you in his race experience than your current achievement. For instance, if you need Ironman Coaching i.e. full distance triathlon then it sounds reasonable that your prospective coach has completed this distance himself at least once, and if it is more than once it is better. 

Is a Good triathlete a good coach?

Remember, that being a good triathlete can facilitate someone if he chooses to become a coach but not always. Find a tri swim coach who has successful students. That is one of identifying whether a good athlete is also a good trainer or not.


Regardless of which field a coach belongs to, without effective communication, coaching will never deliver the desired goals.

Try having several conversations with your coach before you select one. Responsiveness and good listening are two key factors which decide if a person is good at communicating. Also remember, that communication works both ways, you should always convey your concerns and issues clearly to your coach.

There are many training plans for triathlons available for free on the web. The reason why they fail to deliver is that there is no communication. You should also be able to communicate with your coach through all channels such as cell phone, emails, texts, etc.

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Just like communication, honesty also works both ways. Your coach should inspire you and motivate you but at the same time be honest about your current fitness level. He should provide you with realistic goals and convey to you your progress.

At the same time, it would be wise on your part, to be honest about your problems and the challenges you are facing. You cannot expect your coach to provide effective training if you are keeping him in the dark.

This can be especially harmful if you are receiving ironman coaching, as it requires immense physical fitness and consistent progress. Honest will hurt you sometimes but the pain will be much less than failure.

Balanced Routine

Last but not the least, your coach should be able to understand the challenges you face in your personal life. He should be able to consider your family life, education or work, and other social responsibilities which you may have.

A good tri swim coach should be able to structure a workout regime that accounts for your other responsibilities and priorities. In simple words, he should do his best to set you up for success while remaining practical.

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