Wiktor Malinowski – One of the Most Promising Poker Players

Wiktor Malinowski - One of the Most Promising Poker Players
Wiktor Malinowski - One of the Most Promising Poker Players
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More than 6.4 million players are registered on the most popular gambling websites in Poland. The thing is that the online casino industry is on the rise, and more and more people prefer making bets on, as Poles say, “kasyna internetowe legalne w Polsce” from their homes.

This is happening not only because of the notorious pandemic that made bettors switch from land-based casinos to the gambling websites. Another important factor is the convenience of such platforms. Therefore, the number of players from Poland is constantly increasing, and some of them become real pros.

Famous gamblers and professionals are considered to be models for millions. Many people follow them on social networks, see how they play, take their advice, and even copy the behavior of these individuals. When such a gambler competes in blackjack, poker, or other casino games, the entertainment experiences a surge in popularity. Here, we are going to learn some information about a gambler who is considered to be the most promising one – Wiktor Malinowski.

Who Is He?

As mentioned above, Wiktor Malinowski is known as one of the most promising gamblers of the new generation. He is 28, and he started gambling with freerolls in 2014. After two years, the bettor managed to become a consistent mid to high-stake games regular. Wiktor managed to win the World Championship of Online Poker in two more years, which added more than 700,000 dollars to his balance. The gambler is also well-known for winning more than 400,000 dollars at Partypoker High Roller Club Main Event.

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However, the mentioned amounts are not the biggest loot in this career because he managed to get 840,000 dollars from Michael Addamo while playing on one of the popular betting websites. They say that this gambler obtains a sharp mind, while his approach to poker is unconventional. This fact makes others love his style and even try to copy it.

What Amounts Can High Stakes Gamblers Win?

Poker enthusiasts are fond of watching high stakes games, which can be explained not only by the level of the game, but also by the size of the winnings. Last summer, Malinowski impressed his fans by getting massive pots and receiving a stack of almost $2,000,000 at the tables where the stakes make up 500-1,000 dollars.

These days, people can find charts on the internet that show winnings where you can see that it is possible to win around 700,000 dollars. At the same time, you should consider that you will have to practice and lose some money before you learn how to play your favorite games and win impressive amounts of money. Do not forget that it took Wiktor four years to be able to get this kind of winnings.

Are Online Casino Websites Going to Be Popular?

No matter the glam and glitz brought by well-known people, the world is moving online, and so is betting. More and more games are becoming available on betting websites, which is great. Although it is not easy to recreate the real-life camaraderie and vibe on betting platforms, online betting is more private. It is possible to pay with the help of cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, etc. This fact makes you feel safer, especially when big winners remain secret.

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In addition to that, gambling websites tend to offer lucrative bonuses and other promotions to help you win more. This way you can save some money, which is especially important if you are a beginner who knows nothing about poker and other games.

You should learn from professionals, so Wiktor is worth being followed to get some tips. His success is the real proof of how extraordinary this player is.

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