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Landing your dream job is challenging. Every job post attracts hundreds of applications, but only a handful of them get shortlisted. One of the major reasons of why a resume gets filtered out is that it is not customized according to the job description. It is important to understand that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t help you get noticed by the recruiting manager.

Resumes are proof of your professional journey and academics. You have to consider the job description, company requirements, as well as the work culture of the firm before sharing your resumes.

Due to lack of customization, many applicants never hear back even after putting so much time and effort into their applications. Recruiting agents have to find the best fit from a vast talent pool. There needs to be more than an off-the-shelf resume to get a recruiter to notice you.

A customized resume compels the recruiter to make decisions in your favor. Still wondering why is tailoring the resume necessary? The following are the reasons why a personalized resume can get you your dream job.

Gets Noticed

A customized application is crafted through the lens of a recruiter. When a company posts about a job, they are looking for someone who can solve their problem rather than someone who needs a job. A tailor-made resume will prove your usefulness to them.

Mold your existing skills and credentials in a way that shows how they    can add value to an organization. Demonstrate your expertise in the field by providing concrete examples from your past jobs or education. You can scan the company website and other information sources to tailor a document that makes you an ideal candidate to solve their problem. Furthermore, incorporate company-specific terms and relevant keywords throughout your resume. Try not to stuff your resume with keywords, add only where they fit and are needed.

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Including a personalized summary or objective statement at the beginning of your resume speaks directly to the employer. It draws the employer’s attention to your application and shows that you have taken the time to customize it to meet their particular requirements.

Aligns with the Job Requirements

According to a survey, employers look for experience as a metric for recruitment. A customized resume will help them identify relevant skills and backgrounds easily. Every online Job description, even for the same profession, has different requirements.

Read the job posting thoroughly, especially the title, requirements, location, and responsibilities. Take note of the emphasized keywords in the job description and make a checklist. Use these words in your resume to describe relevant skills or similar past experiences. It increases your visibility in the talent pool.  

Makes it ATS Friendly

Hundreds of applicants are left wondering why they did not receive the awaited reply from the recruiter. It’s because it never reaches those human hands in the first place. When you send your resume for a job posting online, it has to pass through gatekeeping software set up by the company to filter and rank the applications based on relevance and skill.

ATS has helped big companies to streamline the recruitment process. Following their footsteps, how every company has its scanning system to toss out irrelevant or unqualified applications. Recruiters now see them based on keywords, skill sets, and rankings. A resume must have the exact keywords or search terms to be recovered among the hundred others in the tracking system.

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A customized resume containing all the keywords and job-specific skills will easily pass the ATS system. However, an off-the-shelf document made months ago without formatting or job-specific editing will bear no fruit.

A Customized Resume Leaves A Good Impression

A custom-made resume will make a good first impression on the recruiter. It will show your commitment to opportunity. A tailor-made document will speak for itself about how much research you have done about the company and what will be your contribution to the company. Although it is supposed to tell your career story, your contributions and career objectives involving the firm will convince the employer in your favor. If you want a surefire way to land your dream job, FRW is at your service! Our team of professional resume writers can help you craft your very own customized resume with a quick turnaround time.

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