Write Content that Will Motivate Your Visitors

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Is your content standing out from your competitors? Your content can generate great results if written in a powerful way that stands out from other sites. Writing from a position of confidence and strength shows the reader that you know the subject matter and are an expert in your field. You want your reader to leave your site feeling like they learned something that they can implement and see results.

How to Write Content that Will Attract Visitors to Your Business Website |  Warble Media

“Winning” content will appeal to your reader which will, in turn, win over more followers. Followers become leads that turn into sales. Anyone can write content, but it takes practice to write in a way that grabs the attention of the reader and keep them coming back for more information.

Writing Inspiring and Attention-Grabbing Content

Knowing your visitors and what they’re looking to achieve is key to the success of your content writing. Questions to ask yourself are

What industry, or industries, are you drawing to your website.
Is your product/service specific to businesses or consumers.
Are you attracting visitors from specific geographical areas.

Are they entrepreneurs, small to medium size businesses or a mix of all size businesses.

Look at your website statistics and see if you’re attracting visitors for specific content.

Your first sentence needs to “pack a punch” and grab the reader’s attention. You want to entice them to read further. Ask a question in your opening statement that will get them to start thinking and want to read your content. Sharing a statistic is another good way to keep the reader’s attention.

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Now that you have them “hooked” articulate your brand expression. Let them know there is a human side to your business. Keep it light and throw in some humor – you’ll keep them coming back for more.

We all tend to want to write a novel about what we know and our experiences. We can get too detailed – keep it simple, light and easy to understand. If it’s too complex, you’ll lose the reader. I use Grammarly to check by sentence structure and spelling – it’s a lifesaver for me – I get writing and sometimes forget to re-read the content.

Write as if you’re talking to the reader. Your content should contain the Who, What, Where, When and Why of your subject matter. Give them all the information to make an informed decision and implement the information into their business. When appropriate, use statistics to back up your statements. They will keep coming back for more!

 Barb Ferrigno
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