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“I always wanted to solve the real social issues which are clung to our society. In those days, crimes related to women were all over the news and social media. This grabbed my attention and I tried to think about its solutions. After a lot of research, I found myself looking towards the self-defense products. Later I have realized that there is a huge gap between these self-defense products and the general masses. In Fact, these products were alien to many people but they were unaware of the existence of this simple solution for the social safety and security problem. Even among the public who knew about these products, they had no idea as to where to get these products. That’s when I came up with the idea to start up XBoom and since then I have tried to make the society a better place in my own small way.” Says Mr. Vishal Saurav (CEO, XBOOM Utilities Pvt LTD)    

Brief something about the company

The company was founded in 2015 and is operating its headquarters in Bangalore and a branch in Delhi, the capital of India. The company believes that self-defense is an important aspect of life; hence XBoom is born which offers a variety of self-defense and safety products. The company started with the primary motive to secure the women of our country with simple and effective products. Our first product in the line was Advanced Pepper Spray which became popular and widely accepted. After the success of our first product, we introduced various other self-defense products. In 2017, we launched a range of products in the category of Premise Security and GPS Trackers.

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Image Credit/ Source: Mr. Vishal Saurav

(CEO, XBOOM Utilities Pvt LTD)

Products or Services :

  • Self – Defense Products : Pepper Spray, Stun Gun, Baton, Knuckle, Personal Safety Alarms
  • Trackers : Vehicle GPS Tracker, Asset/Personal Tracker.
  • Anti-theft systems : Shutter Security System, Door Security System, PIR Security System

    What is the actual addressable market?

The addressable market is quite huge and since the personal safety is required for almost everyone in the society.

  • Self – Defense Products : Working Women, College & High-Schools Girls, Private/Government Security & Law authorities
  •  Anti-theft systems: Homes, Shops, Offices, Real Estate
  • Trackers : Logistics Co., Supply Chain, Jewellery, Transport , Children & Pets.

Why choose XBoom? 

XBOOM has always focused on creating awareness among societies about the importance of safety and self defence.

  • Reliable customer support service.
    Professional and dedicated team.
    Outstanding online and offline presence within the year.
    We offer high quality products at the most competitive price.
    Positive feedback from the customers.

Meet Xboom and the team

Our team is passionate and a well experienced team and with that collective experience, we are leading the security and safety sector. The team motto is to make society a better place for the people and all our endeavour is directed towards it.

Brainchild behind Xboom

I am Vishal Saurav born and brought up in Ranchi. I moved to Bangalore in 2008 to complete my Bachelors in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Dayanand Sagar College, Bangalore. After completing my education, I decided to move forward in life and I got a job as a Software Engineer at Trianz where I worked for 2.5 yrs. However, after getting the previous experience I decided to quit the job and I have come up with my own idea to start a startup company which is now known as ‘Xboom’. My aim in life is to establish a safe society for people especially women and through my work, I aim to bring a change in the life of the general public.

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Challenges and Solutions

Most of the people are unaware about the safety products available in the Indian market which can safeguard one’s life from external threats. People don’t take safety precautions very seriously until something unexpected happens to themselves or with their loved ones. The lack of knowledge among the people has been our biggest challenge till date and in order to discuss these problems, we started raising awareness on the need for safety & self-defence products through wide level marketing and seminars in industries, corporate, schools, colleges and other such platforms which are in need of safety and self-defence products.


Image Credit/ Source: XBOOM

Our Booming Growth 

Within this period we have proudly acquired a large customer base of more than 50,000 through our various sales channels and has received positive feedbacks which enhance the company’s credibility and reputation in the market.

“Moreover, we have sold a wide variety of products in India through multiple sales channels like e-commerce, retailers,  resellers and various other channels. We are also in partnership with some of the top NGO’s working on the concept of women’s safety like Nirbhaya Jyoti and SWF. We have served some of the top corporates like Apollo Pharmacy, Siemens, SIS India Ltd, Mahindra retail, AstraZeneca, Medlife etc”, Says Vishal Saurav. 

We have been able to be a part of several esteemed events where we got tremendous support from the social workers, bureaucrats, politicians, corporate and most importantly general public.
We have won a tremendous support from the general public, NGOs and as well as government bodies.

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Image Credit/ Source: XBOOM

Key benefits and features 

Our products offer solutions for the most trending problem of our society i.e. safety.
We make sure that the quality of our products are high and the price is competitive which targets a large segment of society. A wide range of safety products makes it easier for the customer to choose the suitable product as per their requirement.

The Path Ahead 

With the increasing rate of crime and awareness to prevent them, need for safety & self-defense products is going to be more than ever. We aim to reach to a wider population, provide the knowledge and access to our innovative products. Our team is dedicated and working on a unique SOS Smartphone App which will be available soon.

The Company is running under the lean model of revenue and is currently running on self-funded finance. We are looking to seek financial aid from the Government and financial support from the venture capitalists to increase our growth rate so that we can speed up the reachability to a wider set of people.


Url: https://www.xboom.in

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