Xcelerate By OJ James  Reviews – Xcelerate software Is Scam or Legit ? Is Worth For Your?

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Xcelerate is brand new software that allows you to post clickable images in TOP 7 big social platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumblr, Blogger, Reddit, WordPress. This unique traffic app will take you viral, become super profitable and get you engagement up 10x. It not only works for the Facebook pages but also drives traffic to your links.

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Let me ask you this, when you scroll through social media and see posts, and you find a post that catches your attention, does it make you feel like you need to reach your wallet? No, right?  Well now let me ask you this, when you scroll through social media and see an AD that gets your attention, does that make you feel like you need to prepare your wallet? In most cases, YES. And do you know why? Like I mentioned before, seeing an AD pre-conditions the mind that a sales pitch is in the vicinity. And if the ad caught your attention, it probably means it’s something you want to potentially buy.

Yet at the same time, even for the same product, if you catch it via a free, normal social media post, you are most likely to skip the paid offer. Psychologically Speaking, People Respond differently to ads than content. Content creates freebie mindset while an ad creates buyer mindset. This is not rocket science, most of your traffic is automatically drawn to certain things, and it’s your job as the marketer to adapt to their mindset. Basically, just give them what they want, the people who will clicks ads want to buy, so how do you take advantage of this opportunity, legally? What if you could create & post amazing visual content that disguises itself as ads & gets 100% buyer traffic for free from 7 different social networks?

They’ve created the perfect storm where they basically switched the roles, playing with the traffic’s mindset and adjusting it to us. This is not about being brilliant, it’s about being effective. Imagine if one software could create and publish stunning high converting and click getting visual content, but that targets the buyers only? For free? Introducing Xcelerate.

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Grow Your Social Accounts on Complete AUTOPILOT & Start Turning Unlimited 100% REAL, Targeted Prospects to BUYERS. BEST Part: It Works In Easy 3 Steps:

  • Step 1: Connect all of your 7 social media accounts.
  • Step 2: Create and Schedule Content Across ALL Your Social Media Accounts with A SINGLE Click
  • Step 3: Hit activates and let Xcelerate interact with prospects to turn them into sales all by itself.

For every minute you’re not touching base with every potential lead on your social media, you’re losing time and money. Time and money that could be spent growing and scaling your business. Your most ideal customers are waiting to feel a connection with your brand. A connection that is created as easily as liking their comments, “chatting” with them in messenger, or posting conversation-worthy content across your channels. Everything Xcelerate can do on autopilot. It gives you the best of both worlds. Get It Now.

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  • Social Post Creator: Create any type of Social Post on any of these major 7 social platforms (Image, Video, Carousel, etc.)
  • Unlimited Auto Posting: Post on all platforms in 1- Click.
  • Unlimited Auto Scheduling: Schedule Unlimited post in advance in 1-Click
  • Action Link Controller: This feature lets you customize the links in your posts easily. The visitors will come to where you want them to go. Facebook and other social media see your links as unique every time so that you will gain maximum reach and engagement from every post.
  • 1-Click Viral Meme Finder: Viral any meme in a single click
  • 1-Click Viral Meme Finder: Get your quote viral in just single click using Xcelerate
  • Pixabay Search: It finds any type of image for you form the massive directory of over 1.1 million images in a quick way. It searches by category and keyword for compelling images that “get the click” anytime.
  • Unsplash Search: It creates posts standing out with a stunning photo from free photo community. The keyword search tool makes it simple to find the perfect picture to highlight your posts.
  • Rich Image Editor: Easily crop, rotate, resize and bound corners for a custom look. Select from over a dozen unique image filters to make your posts stand out. Select from 600 font and styles to make your messages in many colors and outline combination. Free draw tool: Multiple brush styles and options & so many effects. You have the “WOW” factor & versatility of Photoshop with their learning curve.
  • Google Analytics Tag & Facebook Pixel: While creating campaign in Xcelerate you can add you Gtag & FB pixel code therefore you can track visitors.
  • Full Traffic Report: You can able to see all traffic source data from in campaign report without paid ads on social media. In campaign report you can see all social media post URL and other statistics.
  • Step-By-Step Training: Complete Step-by-Step XCELERATE Software Video training and tutorials Included to help you get started ASAP.
  • With Commercial Rights – Handle Client’s Social Media Campaigns – Make Profits: Manage All Client’s social media and charge them monthly, yearly, Or high-one time amount while Xcelerate handles it for you with 100% automation of their social marketing. Imagine you can help countless businesses, influencers, and e-commerce stores profit like never before.
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  • Affiliate: Send offer after offer to leads with the full ability to pitch different products, answer any questions, and get them clicking on your links.
  • Freelancer: Showcase your work, connections, and expertise to potential clients and prove why you should be their top pick.
  • eCommerce business: Send new offers, back in stock alerts, and cart abandonment sequences to your leads to keep them coming back for more.
  • Retail: Show off your best products with your brand’s unique story behind it to keep leads away from the hands of your competition.
  • Real Estate: Walk a lead entirely through the buying and sales process, from showing them listings, reminding them of appointments, and following-up.
  • Construction: Offer quotes, follow-up, share reviews and pictures of your work, and prove your credibility.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Send your customers and leads your menus and make it easier than ever to order food from you, and showcase offers, new dishes, and more.
  • Coaching: Show people you’re invested in their journey and there every step of the way with constant public and private messages of support, encouragement, and guidance.
  • Medical Practices: Build trust with potential leads through open channels of communication and send messages reminding them of appointments, and providing updates.
  • Legal Practices: Ooze both approachability and credibility with a strong social media presence and get to know the details of a case before you take it on.
  • Accountancy/Credit: Repair Keep customers and leads completely in the loop and get everything you need actioned quickly with reminders and appointments.
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  • Do I Have To Install Xcelerate Anywhere? NO! It is a web-based software that you can use from anywhere once you have internet connection.
  • Does this Cost A Monthly Fee? Absolutely NOT! When you act now, you’re getting one-time access to Xcelerate without EVER having to pay a monthly fee.
  • Are Others Having Results With Xcelerate? Yes – see the proof above, which you CAN replicate.
  • Do I Need Any Tech Skills Or Experience To Make This Work? NO – Xcelerate does all the work for you.
  • Will This Work In Any Niche? Definitely, 100%!
  • Is Support & Training Included? Absolutely…by purchasing Xcelerate today you get instant access to the training portal and their 24/7 support desk.

Special Bonuses for the Dope Review Audience: You’ll get all the bonuses listed on the Salespage, but I’m going to give you guys a SPECIAL bonus as well. If you Download Xcelerate via any link on this page you’ll also get my bonus package $2200 Value. Believe me, my bonus package will save you time, money and make your life a little easier !

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