Yellowstone Season 5: Who’s the Most Dangerous Character?

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Season 4 of Paramount’s mega-hit Yellowstone jackets season 5 lacked the same suspenseful cliffhanger that Taylor Sheridan and the show’s creative team delivered the previous season. Instead of wondering who was responsible for the massive attack on the Dutton family, we were given closure on a number of stories. Season 4 just brought up little puzzles about what may happen rather than the greater stakes of who would survive or die.

Nonetheless, Sheridan and his crew have always had a strategy. There are various strands they’ve put up for season 5 and several dangers inside those threads, in their own subtle way. Perhaps they are more subtle enemies than Yellowstone audiences are accustomed to, but make no mistake; there are people out there seeking to derail the Duttons’ dream. Season 5 may potentially show that one or more members of the family are the most disruptive and destructive forces. It wouldn’t be the first time we saw in-fighting among the Montana moguls, and there is plenty of animosities to go around regardless of who sits at the dinner table.

Season 5 should be tense and dramatic, but let’s speculate on who may be the most dangerous character next season and where some of the indications offered by the creative team might take us. We provide Dutton Ranch Yellowstone Denim Black Jacket

Higgins, Summer (Piper Parabo)

Summer has already shown to be a thorn in the Dutton family’s side. She’s been the only factor thus far in severing John’s (Kevin Costner) and Beth’s (Kelly Reilly) indelible father-daughter link, but actually, she’s just been a nuisance; she’s mostly acted as a reminder to Beth that her father is, in reality, a red-blooded man. Beth appears to have exacted her vengeance on the eco-activist by arranging for Summer to be jailed, which is what triggered John and caused the separation in the first place. Therein lies the danger.

Summer has already proven that she will not back down from a battle. When Beth was going to chop her up with a butcher knife in the Dutton family kitchen, she stood toe-to-toe with her. She boasted to Beth about having slept with John, and more significantly until she was facing a lengthy jail term, she wasn’t afraid to stir things up by sticking up for what she believed in, even if it meant getting accused.

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Her main risk element, however, is not her unwavering resolve but rather the ease with which she and John got along. Their May-December relationship may pose a greater threat than most audience members realise. They were a strange combination, to begin with, but there was something about Summer’s tenacity that John respected. We saw how upset he was with Beth; Summer wasn’t simply another annoyance for John; she meant something to him. We witnessed how far he was ready to go to keep her out of jail, and that struggle is far from finished.

What if Summer turns out to be pregnant, raising the stakes even higher? If that’s the case, John would definitely battle tooth and nail to ensure she’s not imprisoned for too long. This might even entail sacrificing the person who placed Summer in jail in the first place, causing a schism between John and Beth. We’ve seen what John will expect of his children in order to serve the Dutton family’s best interests. If that implies he may have to give up Beth in exchange for Summer’s release, it appears to be a significant possibility. We provide 

Bill Ramsey (Rob Kirkland)

In an interview with Den of Geek, Bill Ramsey (Rob Kirkland) confirmed that some of these predictions aren’t far off from what he knows is coming from season 5, including the role his newly appointed Sheriff would play in the Duttons’ universe. Or possibly… what was once the Duttons’ world. Kirkland has swiftly become one of Sheridan’s trusted members of his cabal of outstanding performers, which implies Ramsey will play a significant role in the upcoming season.

Some rather testosterone-heavy tale seeds were sown in the brief discussion between Ramsey and John at the end of season 4. Ramsey told John unequivocally that the Dutton patriarch’s professional connection with local law police was over. Sheriff Ramsey does not mince words or issue hollow threats, which means that the plethora of ‘indiscretions’ emanating from the Yellowstone ranch may no longer be buried in a handshake. That the entire force of the law may be applied to them and that some of the family’s previous transgressions may be revisited.We provide 

Rip Rider (Cole Hauser)

Many real fans of the program may have difficulty believing this danger. Rip, a fan favorite in practically every way epitomizes dedication. He owes John his life, he’s married to the sole Dutton daughter, and he’s spent his entire life on the yellow stone season 5 vest and with the character name on season 5 with the utmost dedication, so why would he pose a threat to the Duttons?

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As much as we have enjoyed every minute of Rip’s cowboy-barbarity in his responsibilities, supporters must assume that the finest brutality is yet to come. Rip had delivered some very unforgettable violence, the most memorable of which was when he arrived to save Beth in episode 7 of the second season. Rip’s rage is, in a strange way, his gift to the people he loves. That remarkable incident demonstrated Rip’s passion for Beth and provided us with a peek at the lengths he will go to defend or get revenge on people he cares about.

Warner, Caroline (Jackie Weaver)

Perhaps it isn’t John who will be Beth’s undoing. Perhaps it will be Market Equities’ little but equally ruthless CEO? Audiences have watched a clown car full of corporate stooges come and go as villains to the Duttons’ existence, but one of them has to get the better of the family at some point.

Sheridan is a writer who frequently flirts with tragedy (if not entirely leaps off the ledge at times), which implies that one of the villains must ultimately get the better of the family. Caroline, unlike the other ‘clowns,’ appears to be a genuine menace. For years, Yellowstone has featured some of the brightest, strongest female characters that are nearly always on par with their male counterparts, and Warner matches this cherished paradigm to a T. She was one of the only characters who were able to stop Beth’s razor-sharp tongue, even for a little while, in one of the more memorable scenes from the season 4 finale. Beth regards Warner as a serious threat, both to her own immediate independence and to the future of the Yellowstone ranch.

Will Weaver be the reason Beth gets locked up? Will John be forced to make a deal with her in order to retain as much of his realm as possible? Will this be another cause for Rip to be released and become a threat to everyone around him? These are all significant possibilities, and at the very least, we know Warner must be taken seriously, and maybe even more seriously.

Dutton, Jamie (Wes Bentley)

Jamie’s character has received a great deal of attention. Granted, he is not without sin, and many of his deeds have resulted in much more being piled upon him, but it has long felt that his character is supposed to play a significant role in the later Yellowstone chapters.

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Throughout the first four seasons, we watch Jamie’s uneasy relationship with Beth deteriorate into poisonous vitriol-spitting hatred. We’ve seen John utilize Jamie several times. We’ve seen Jamie’s life goals and ambitions go tragically wrong or be dismissed by John. We learn that John isn’t even Jamie’s original father, and when Jamie finally gets some stability and care from his true father (Will Patton), he is driven to kill him in order to serve the family that has offered him nothing but apathy.

Isn’t this enough to drive anyone insane?

Many audience members believe that this mostly cowardly figure could never stand up to Beth or John. The way season 4 ended, Beth had Jamie’s manhood firmly in her designer pocketbook after convincing him to plead on his hands and knees, but this is where a glimmer of the Sheridan formula appears to be seeping. Jamie previously lost control when he unleashed his panicked fight or flight response on investigative journalist Sarah (Michaela Conlin), killing her.

We may be witnessing the beginning of Jamie’s breaking point after four seasons of torture at the hands of Beth and John and having recently slain his biological father, losing the support structure that appeared to anchor him. If Jamie eventually becomes the man John always desired from his adopted son, it may emerge in an explosive and tragic manner.

This could go either way. Jamie, who is quite skilled at his job when properly motivated, could simply create a massive pile of legal problems for his adoptive family the size of Montana. As Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) once informed Waters (Atticus Todd) about Jamie, “no one understands how to breach the law better than attorneys.”While this form of retribution may garner John’s respect and perhaps the support of skeptical audience members, it is not the most cinematic.

It would be a delightful and heartbreaking twist if Jamie finally stands up for himself and, in a typical manner, does it in the most inept way possible. The entire Yellowstone tale has been nearly Shakespearean and having Jamie commit genuine bodily injury to Beth or John would not only be appropriate but could take the plot down so many unexpected and exhilarating paths. Perhaps Jamie is the one who eventually irreversibly ruins the Dutton family’s very fabric. Whether you sympathize with Jamie or believe he deserves everything he gets, you have to admit that a shocking act of violence from this man… wouldn’t be all that shocking.

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