Your Guide To Getting Better Sleep

Guide To Getting Better Sleep
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Natural Light Is Your Friend!

Letting the morning sun into your bedroom first thing when you wake can help your internal clock function better. If you work in an office setting, it’s also important to get outside during a sunny day to let yourself recharge.

Keep A Consistent Bedtime Schedule

When you have a consistent bedtime schedule you can stick to every day, your body will adjust and allow you to sleep better. Going to bed and getting up at the same schedule time every day will allow your body’s natural circadian rhythm to expect sleep at the same time daily. It’s important to try and stick to your routine, even if it’s the weekend. This is true even if you feel exhausted or sleep deprived as your body will make up for the lack of proper sleep the next night.

Make Your Bedroom As Comfortable As Possible

If you are retiring to bed and finding that your bedroom doesn’t feel like a relaxing haven for sleep then you need to make some changes. The bedroom should be tidy and clutter free. Your mattress should be supportive, otherwise you may find yourself waking up tired due to a restless sleep. Aireloom mattresses sagging has been an issue, however there are many alternatives to choose from.

Avoid Napping If Possible

Many people take naps throughout their day, but did you know it can contribute to insomnia? If you’re finding that you have trouble sleeping through the night, your napping habit may be to blame. Napping later in the day actually decreases your body’s drive for sleep. If you feel you must take a nap, it’s best to keep it short and well before 5 P.M.

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Skip Heavy Evening Meals

Your dinner plays an important role in how well you sleep at night. A pizza may seem like the perfect dinner solution, but it can keep you up at night while also causing indigestion. In short, avoid foods that are greasy and hard to digest for dinner. If you must get a snack, choose carbs or dairy products that are easier on your stomach.

Drink Enough Water

Drinking water is good for you, but make sure you find the right balance for your daily fluid intake. Drink a bit of water before bedtime to avoid waking up to get a drink. However, avoid drinking too much as it can cause you to get up at nighttime to use the bathroom.

Get Adequate Daily Exercise

Did you know exercising can actually do wonders for your sleep? This is true, as long as you exercise quite a few hours before bedtime. When you get physically active, your body secretes a hormone called cortisol, which works as an alerting mechanism in your brain. However, it’s important to keep your exercise regimen scheduled well before your bedtime as not doing so will make it harder to fall asleep.

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