YouTubers in America
Top 10 YouTubers in America

Top 10 YouTubers in America

The digital space is going on expanding day by day, making itself a platform that can be used by everyone for various purposes including money making. You Tubing is such a source that has a great fan base all around the world. The number of people using You Tube is mounting every day and hence You Tube and You Tubers are unanimously enjoying enough of fan following these days. You tube has become a source of sharing a lot of information throughout the world.

There are varieties of channels of various genre including sports, fashion, education etc. on You Tube. Among these many channels a few of them are exceptionally popular and their owners enjoy a large fan base. They not only have millions of subscribers on You Tube but also have those many dollars in their bank accounts. Here let’s have a look of the top 10 You Tubers in America, who have made it great on this social media platform.

Diana’s You Tube Channel “Kids Diana show” ( 80.2 million subscribers )

Kids Diana show is one of the top subscribed YouTube channels in the states as the present time with more than 73.2 million subscribers. As the name specifies it is the kid’s show which is all about Diana and her brother Roma. The channel features the Russian speaking unboxing various categories of gifts toys and going on with their childish and cute adventures and games. With this enormous number of subscribers, Diana is the top You Tuber in America.

Stacy’s You Tube Channel “Like Nastya” ( 74.8 million subscribers)

This is top followed YouTube channels in the UNITED STATES with around 67.9 million followers. It is yet another you tube channel run by kid named Stacy. This channel ‘Like Nastya’ reveals around the Russian American girl named Stacy who shares her daily antics and family life on the channel. She also posts playing with various childish toys. Stacy is kind of a personality is the USA as she features on various other YouTube channels like Stacy toys, Funny Stacy etc. With 67.9 million subscribers, another kid Stacy is the topper of the list of the top 10 you tubers in America.

Vlad and Niki (69.1 million subscribers )

Seems like the kids are YouTube champions in the USA even the third most followed you tube channel in the state with around 61.5 million subscribers US based kids Vlad and Nikki. This channel reveals around the daily adventures and routines of the siblings Vlad and Niki. They also unbox toys on their channel and continue with their antics making them the top 10 You Tubers in America.

Cory and Coley Cotton’s You Tube Channel “Dude Perfect” (56.3 million subscribers )

The Dude Perfect is yet another you tube channel with a mounted number of subscribers in the United States. This channel has about 54.9 million followers and is beloved for producing quality content on the screen. This channel belongs to Cory and Coley Cotton plus their three other college friends including Tyler Toney, Garrett Hilbert and Cody Jones. This channel belongs to the 5 dudes who are best known for producing comic content along with compilations of trick shots. Their famous athletes also make an appearance alongside them in their videos. A giant panda mascot also gets some cameo in the Dude Perfect Show. The super contents and the great efforts put by the creators together makes them the top 10 You Tubers in America.

Jimmy Donaldson’s You Tube Channel “MrBeast” (64 million subscribers)

MR Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson is another famous you tuber in the United States. This channel has around 51.6 million subscriptions and the counting increases at a very decent rate every day. MR Beast is famous for creating two types of videos ranging from viral challenges to the attention grabbing donation and charity stunts. His challenges includes counting from 100,000 in one video to other like Last to Remove Hand Gets the Lamborghini challenge. The attention gabbing donation and charity stunts aimed to date out hundreds of dollars to many small Twitch games and waitresses.

Toys and Colors ( 31.8 million subscribers )

This is another you tube channel with around 28.4 million of subscribers in our list. This channel is about the kids Wendy, Jannie, Emma and family covering their antics and everyday actions to post on their channel. This channel creates a family friendly content which is evident from all of their posts. Most of their videos are rotating around the kids who play with their colorful toys and act out various scripted and pretentious scenarios for their channel. The channel is a loved by the kids all around the world. With the great content this channel covers and the jocund atmosphere it creates, all of these factors together makes these little kids one of the top 10 you tubers in the United States.

Mark Fischbach  “Markiplier “( 29.4 million subscribers )

Markiplier is another very famous You Tube channels in the United States of America that is owned by Mark Fischbach. This channel mainly focuses on the video game commentary and has about 28.2 million subscribers who have together showed immense support to the You Tuber and has made the channel this vast.

 Mark has also recently expanded his channel into sketch comedy and is known for his colorful commentary and oft dyed hair that has become kind of his fashion statement. The amazing and out of the box content that he creates is spectacular and is the reason behind Mark Fischbach being one of the top 10 you tubers in the United States. Also, Mark is often spotted sporting a pink mustache sometimes.

Ryan Kaji ( 29.9 million subscribers )

Indeed the United States you tube industry is run at its pace by the little kids. These young kids in America are supremely talented who are all running successful you tube channels at a great pace, with millions of subscribers. This particular channel Ryan’s World (Ryan’s ToysReview) has as vast as 28.1 million subscribers. His channel Ryan’s ToysReview has been recently rebranded to Ryan’s World. His channel is basically a family run channel but the center of attraction of this channel is an eight years old boy Ryan, who just became a millionaire by running this You Tube channel. Can you imagine, an eight years old millionaire? Ryan generated about 22 million dollars in a single year via this channel and that is what makes him the top 10 you tubers of America.

James Charles ( 25.2 million subscribers )

How can the list of the top 10 you tubers in America end without a makeup artist making it up to the list? So indeed the talented James Charles had to be a part of this list for all those antics and unbelievable stuffs he can do with his brushes. He is a very famous beauty influencer with about 25.3 million subscribers on you tube. James who came to fame for posting a number of vlogs, musical covers and activities that gets up or includes a number of other influencers is one of a world recognized makeup artist in the present time.

He collaborates with celebs as big as Kylie Jenner for his work and content sometimes. He has indeed turned out to be the greatest in his field for over years creating some of the greatest contents on the various social media platforms and these collective efforts have made James Charles one of the top 10 you tubers of America.

Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla’s “Smosh” ( 25.1 million subscribers )

The name of the You Tube channel owned by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla is Smosh. Smosh has been one of the most veteran You Tube channel in America active since 2002, and has grown tremendously since then. Smosh is one of the first You Tube channels to become the internet sensations.

The channel mainly focuses on creating contents related to various written sketches and produces other comedy series and their spinoffs. With the level of the content it creates, the channel has expanded to the peak levels. It has also expanded to various genres like video gaming and Spanish language.

Smosh channel also includes other personalities who host the shows for the channel. With all the great work that has come up on this channel, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla have become one of the top 10 You Tubers in America with about 25.1 million subscriptions.

These were the top 10 you tubers in America. I hope you people liked our content. For any further queries don’t hesitate writing to us.



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