ZOBIT – Everyone’s Personal Blockchain

ZOBIT – Everyone’s Personal Blockchain
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  When and how did you start?

 ZOBIT was started as a research project at Indian School of Business (ISB)-Hyderabad in 2017. Bunch of data Scientists from ISB CBA Batch-9, technology enthusiasts, industry experts and people from diverse backgrounds altogether joined hands to provide data privacy & security to a billion people. The Motivation behind ZOBIT was to provide Privacy & security to every small business and individual at zero cost using blockchain technology”, Says  Vamshi Krishna Founder and Ceo of ZOBIT .

Z  – Zero Cost                                                       

O – Operating System with

B  – Blockchain Enabled,

 I  -Infrastructure &

T  – Transparency

 ZOBIT’s aim is to provide blockchain for everyone with its platform 

BlockXlab. We initially are launching 3 divisions FIXUZoPayGamesKick.






        Home services   




Payment Services







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We recently closed acquisition talks with FIXU an on-demand handyman service aggregator which was funded by Facebook and its founder VK is working on blockchain to make fixu more secure and user-friendly and this acquisition will help us boost our usage of ZOBIT. (Official announcement coming soon).

 Challenges and Opportunities/ Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategies:

We will have a huge market opportunity and an early mover advantage in the blockchain space.


 A quote from the founder on the journey, or dealing with the challenge, or any inspiring moment. 


Be a 360° learner always but just learning will make you a zero so apply all your learning’s to build that one thing which will add value to all those zero ’s, says Vamshi Krishna.


EXCLUSIVE: Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs

An idea is just like the empty boat without a destination, you need a great team to drive it.


 Future plans and funding

We recently launched our White Papers on 25-july-2018. Visit:  https://goo.gl/NGEFfH

We are raising a crowdfunding round shortly.

Coming up

ZOBIT OFFICIAL WHITEPAPER           25/08/2018

ZOBIT OFFICIAL LOGO                        02/09/2018

EXPLAINER VIDEOS                             25/09/2018
OFFICIAL WEBSITES                            01/10/2018


 Stay tuned for more excitement.


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