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About Scoop Earth

Scoopearth Provides Unique Content For People Who would like to Consume Contents, Especially related to Early stage Start-ups, Entrepreneurship, Digital Media Marketing, Technical News, Inspirational and Motivational Contents etc. This is the common platform for people who like to Write and Explore Stories.

Featured Articles will be Consumed and shared to our All social media Platform and Subscribers. Those who are interested to Write and Explore or want to advertise with us Read,can reach us to info@scoopearth.com . Or call us on +91-9971677319.

Niraj Kumar :

Niraj Kumar is the Founder and CEO of Scoopearth. He is having more than 8+year of Expertise in Recruitment Industry, Growth hacking, Digital media Marketing, Online, and offline sales and Marketing.

He is the Influencer Who made millions of followers through online community building and through Social media Marketing.

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