What is a China battery manufacturer?

The Battery Manufacturing industry produces various types of batteries ranging between single-cell alkaline batteries used in flashlights and multicell lithium-ion battery packs custom-built for electric vehicle propulsion.

Whether you are buying a cellphone or a home power tool, chances are you will be getting a rechargeable battery and thanks to lithium-ion, those rechargeables are changing the way our world is powered. China battery manufacturer are rushing to grab a piece of the global market, with some breaking world records and setting new benchmarks in the process.

Benefits of china battery manufacture

With the availability of major economies of scale, China battery manufacturers have been able to compete on an equal footing with major manufacturers such as Panasonic. Though, some china battery manufacturing companies have been criticized for shoddy quality of products as they go at an aggressive pace to grab market share.

Some serious concerns have been raised by various sectors of industry regarding the quality and safety of the China manufactured batteries. Unsanitary working conditions and employees not having the requisite qualification or skills are some of the key concerns of the industry.

Even though there have been some issues and concerns, the companies have managed to take over the global market. As of 2017, over half of the world’s cells are produced in china, including significant market share for the global market.

China’s battery manufacturing sector

There are approximately 2,500 Chinese manufacturers in the country’s battery manufacturing industry and an additional 600 in 30 other provinces, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. The total production value of China’s battery manufacturing industry exceeded RMB 103.1 billion ($15 billion) in 2016, up 9.5% from the previous year.

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Manufacturing is only part of the story. At present, China’s battery sector houses a dense supply chain of over 30,000 suppliers that are actively involved in supporting the production process. The industry provides one of the biggest consumer markets for the supplier industries as they actively participate in sourcing of raw materials.

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