10 Best Things To Do In Shillong, India

10 Best Things To Do In Shillong, India
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Shillong is the attractive capital of Meghalaya that offers a sweet blend of cultural tradition and outdoor splendor. This guide is made to navigate you through the top 10 must-visit attractions of this charming city. From the royal waterfalls that chute through its terrain to the bustling bazaars brimming with native workmanship, each point of interest has been exactly selected to ensure you capture the soul of Shillong. Whether you seek the thrill of adventure or the stillness of scenic beauty, our collected list will serve as your compass in this northeastern jewel of India.

Elephant Falls

Snuggled among the lush foliage of the East Khasi Hills, the Elephant Falls is named after an elephant-shaped rock at its base, now gone. This three-tiered normal wonder display case a unique blend of power and grace, as crystal-clear waters dance down the fern-covered stones. 

A hypnotic spot for nature lovers and photographers alike, its easy availability from Shillong makes it a popular stop for visitors seeking peacefulness away from city life. The falls turn into a vibrant spectacle during the monsoon that attracts an excess of visitors who wish to observe its full glory.

Shillong Peak

Floating at an altitude of, 1965 meters, Shillong Peak stands as the highest point in the place that offers unequalled perspectives of the city and its surroundings. Shillong, with its herbal splendor, cultural greenness, and traditional tradition, is a fascinating vacation spot. 

From iconic sites like the Root Bridges and Police Bazar to serene spots like Wards Lake and Mawphlang Sacred Forest, each location tells a story of flexibility and community.

Umiam Lake

An attractive lake nestled amidst the bright green hills of Meghalaya is an idyllic retreat for nature lovers. Often likened to the lochs of Scotland, this body of water offers a peaceful outflow for picnicking, boating, and water sports. 

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Its serene sky and panoramic views make for a lovely respite, while its vibrant sunrise vistas remain a muse for photographers. 

A visit to Umiam Lake confirms a peaceful engagement with nature’s untouched beauty. Journey fans can also treat in activities such as kayaking, water skiing, and boating.

Explore the Teer Culture 

If you are someone who really doesn’t want to miss anything in Shillong, then this is for you. Shillong Teer and Khanapara Teer are games played in Meghalaya, India. These games are about guessing numbers. In these games, people shoot arrows at targets. Then, they count how many arrows hit the target. People guess these numbers and can win money if they guess right.

Shillong Teer happens in Shillong whereas, Khanapara Teer happens near Guwahati, in a place called Khanapara. These games are very popular and happen from Monday to Saturday.

Many people like these games because they are fun and can help win some money. It’s also a way for people to come together and enjoy a traditional sport. If you visit Shillong or Khanapara, you can see these games. They are a big part of life here and show how people enjoy old sports in new ways.

Lady Hydari Park

Lady Hydari Park which is named after the wife of the first Governor of Assam, instates itself amidst Shillong’s urban scape as a quaint haven for nature aficionados. It brandishes a sprawling garden dotted with flowers and shaded pathways leading to a small zoo, home to local fauna.

The park’s Japanese-style improvement adds a serene charm that makes it a perfect spot for a gentle stroll or a family picnic, truthfully taking the intimate connection between the city and its natural environment.

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Don Bosco Museum

Don Bosco Museum in Shillong is a gateway to the indigenous cultures of North East India. Containing seven floorings it presents a deep dive into the vicinity’s tremendous ethnic and cultural tapestry. With a wide array of artifacts, paintings, and conventional tools, the museum gives an abstract journey through the lifestyles and heritage of the local tribes. This makes it a should-visit for those eager to catch the area’s wealthy traditions and records. 

The pinnacle ground also offers a breathtaking view of Shillong City making it a perfect spot for nature and history fans alike.

Police Bazar

A bustling commercial hub in Shillong is the go-to terminus for shoppers and foodies and if you’re one of those, you should definitely explore this one. 

This lively market offers a phantasmagoria of Meghalayan crafts garments, and keepsakes. By twilight, it transforms into a food delight, with street vendors serving local fragilities that tease the taste buds. 

It’s a melting pot of lifestyle, commerce, and community, reflective of the multicultural spirit of the city. 

A visit to the Police Bazar is a must for those in search of experiencing the coronary heart and soul of Shillong’s avenue life. 

Wards Lake 

Wards Lake is a serene artificial water body, cradled in the heart of

Shillong. It is decorated with cobblestone walks and ornamental flowerbeds. It draws visitors seeking tranquillity. With the option to boat on its calm waters or just relish a peaceful moment by the shore, Wards Lake is a delightful interval from the city’s hustle. The lake is also surrounded by pretty cafes and restaurants that give it a

charming setting for a delightful meal with loved ones.

Cultural Event at Smit

Cultural Event at Smit, the cultural nucleus of the Khasi hills, pulsates with life during the annual Nongkrem Dance festival. Packed with colorful attire and rhythmic beats, it’s a celebration of thanksgiving to the Goddess Ka Blei Synshar for a bountiful harvest. 

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Tourists throng to witness the complicated footwork and musical chants, which underscore the traditional spirit of Meghalaya. This holiday not only dazzles with its display but also offers an immersive peek into the rich customs of the local population.

Mawphlang Sacred Forest

Mawphlang Sacred Forest is enveloped in the sacred mystique of the Khasi people and stands as a pristine environmental heirloom. This green expanse, rich with diverse flora, is guarded by traditional spiritual beliefs barring any disturbance to its ecosystem. 

It showcases the musical existence between humans and nature, as well as the Khasi tribe’s cultural respect for their surroundings. A directed trek through this forest is not only an adventurous escapade but also an insight into the local myths and legends close to it. 

Mawsmai Caves

Mawsmai Caves stands as the amazing display in Meghalaya. Carved from limestone, these naturally formed caves charm visitors with their majestic stalactites and stalagmites. Irradiated paths guide explorers through narrow passages, revealing the caves’ awe-inspiring internal beauty. 

An environmental treasure, the Mawsmai Caves are a testament to nature’s artistry, offering an interesting exploration experience that resonates with travelers and geology fans alike. So, a visit to these caves is a must for anyone seeking to undo the mysteries of Meghalaya’s geological marvels. 


In summing up the spirit of Shillong, this attractive city emerges as a tapestry of natural wonder, cultural vibrancy, and traditional heritage. Each location, from the living Root Bridges to the bustling Police Bazar, and from the serene Wards Lake to the mystic Mawphlang Sacred Forest, tells a story of flexibility, beauty, and public. If you want to play teer game to get the taste of their culture, don’t hesitate. However, make sure you check teer results to check if you win or not. If you get the chance to visit the places mentioned above, just don’t miss it.  

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