10 Easy Side Hustles For Teens To Make Money

10 Easy Side Hustles For Teens To Make Money
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Entering your late teens, you realize life takes a different turn.

Suddenly, Societal norms start impacting you, and your wishlist seems to expand endlessly.

It’s tough to watch your friends have all the things you crave when your pocket money can’t keep up. The struggle hits hard. 

You want to bridge that gap between desire and reality, but a full-time job isn’t feasible with school.

That’s where side hustles come into the picture. Imagine being able to manage your studies and your side work and fulfill your wants at the same time.

Yes, it is possible!

By hustling, you can earn some extra cash, learn new skills, and gain financial literacy. 

If you are great at managing your time it would not hamper your school, sports teams, or social life at all. 

Let’s look into some best side hustles that you can easily do.

For more information, refer to this article on the top side hustles for teens by Frugal Fun Finance, a website all about the best ways to make and save more money.

Photo/ Video Editing

Photo editing is one of the creative ways to earn money, especially for teenagers who are passionate about photography and filming and have a good sense of detail. All you have to do is,

  • Develop Photo/ Video editing presets: Photo/ video editing presets can be sold as stock images or stock videos online. This can help you generate good passive income. Tools that you can use, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, CaptureOne and more. 
  • Photo/Video Editing Services: You can also offer photo/video editing services to clients on a freelance or part-time basis. You can charge per photo or hour. It depends on you. You can also sell your courses on Udemy. 
  • Write Blogs on photography: This can include blogs about tips on photography, common mistakes, and other related information. You can monetize your blog and earn from ads and affiliate marketing. 
  • Create an online course: You can refer to existing online photography courses and create one for yourself. You can sell the recorded videos teaching editing skills.
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Freelance Writing

If You have great writing and engaging writing skills Freelance writing can be the best option for you as a side hustle. Some Easy ways to get started can be:

  • Freelance writing jobs: Multiple websites offer various writing and editing jobs as freelancers. You can create your profile there and start looking for one that fits you. 
  • Write for blogs: You can select a niche and start writing good SEO optimized blogs on related topics. You can reach out to multiple blogs and websites as many look out for guest blogs to contribute to their content. 
  • Start your blog or write for local publications: You can create your blog page and start publishing your blogs on it. You can publish your written work in local magazines. You can monetize your blog page and you can earn from ads. 

Social Media Management

It is one of the simplest and most convenient side hustles for teenagers, as you’re already acquainted with social media and how to use it well. Managing it gained’t be a task for you. 

You can start by developing your profile as a social media manager, hook up with people who are busy and don’t have time to control their social media profiles and you may provide this as a provider to them. You can use Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


Dropshipping is a manner of selling products while not having to preserve them in inventory. When someone buys from you, you may provide the order in your company who will ship your product immediately to the consumer.

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In this, you don’t need to worry approximately manufacturing, stock, stock, packing, shipping, etc. You can clearly sell your enterprise or product through social media and get the orders.

You can use websites like Spocket, Aliexpress Dropshipping, Modalyst, Salehoo, Doba, Wholesale2B, and DS worldwide. 

Completing Online Surveys

Many websites and apps pay users to take surveys on various topics. This can help you earn some extra cash as a side hustle.

Here are some tips to get started:-

  1. Look for any such website, create your account, and sign in. 
  2. Make sure you select some popular websites that pay you well and are not a scam. 
  3. While you answer the surveys, be honest and provide constructive criticism. Survey websites ensure quality control measures for the same. 
  4. Be patient, getting a good survey opportunity can be time-consuming and that would provide you with a great amount, but meanwhile, you can earn through decent opportunities. 

Selling Handmade Art & Crafts

Here comes another creative way to make money and if your art and craft skills are tremendously good, the Next Picasso can be yours!  

There are many ideas you can pick, here are some of the most famous ideas of art and craft items that you can sell.

  • DIY Accessories 
  • DIY Phone Cases 
  • Paintings and Wall Arts 
  • DIY Pencil Holder 
  • DIY Desk accessories 
  • DIY Handmade Jewelry   

Pet Sitting

If you are a pet lover, this is the best side hustle for you. You can simply take care of the pet and earn extra cash. 

How to get started?

  • Start with advertising about it to your friends.
  • Create a social media profile.
  • Make videos and content with animals.
  • Share pet care tips.
  • Create a profile on a website that sells pet-sitting services.
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The money will depend on the number of pets and the hours you look after.

Deliver Food

There are many food delivery services in the market that offer flexible schedules and competitive pay for delivery people. Delivering food can be a great side hustle to make some extra cash as teenagers.

Just make sure you have a valid driver’s license. 

You can look for delivery services online and apply to them or you can simply connect with local restaurants that provide home deliveries. They also offer part-time jobs as a delivery person. 

House Cleaning And Domestic Errands

To get started, you will just need basic cleaning skills and some cleaning equipment like a vacuum cleaner, cleaning solution, and cleaning cloth.

Create a business card and start marketing your services through your friends and family. 

You can also create a social media account and run ads about your services. 

If you make sure the quality and understand the needs of the people, This can also turn into a good business in the future. 

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the side hustles that you can do at any time from anywhere, and if you are a night owl, here are the best side hustles that can help you make extra money at night. 

Affiliate marketing is when a company sells its product indirectly through a third party and the company gives a commission to the third party on every sale.

How to get started?

  • Choose a niche 
  • Create high-quality content 
  • Promote affiliate products 
  • Drive traffic to your website 

This side hustle requires a lot of patience but once you get expert into this, you earn unlimited from affiliate marketing.


Every side hustle has its benefits and drawbacks but if you are good at managing things you can easily make it through. And these side hustles can also be a start for your financial freedom journey. 

All you have to do is be persistent and dedicated to whatever you do. If you will be true to your work it will pay you off.

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