10 Facts About the Abha Card


The world is slowly turning digital, and this shift was more critical for the healthcare system as opposed to anything else. The Government of India recognised the need for a quick and rapid paradigm shift towards a better medical ecosystem. This is why they launched the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM). Initially, they piloted this program only in 6 Union Territories in a year. The aim was to provide the necessary backbone that was much needed in the healthcare infrastructure.

Other health-related facilities that were initiated by this program were the extended support towards Universal Health Coverage safely and efficiently. The account also provides services like the secure storage and access of medical records and offers digital consultation.

Currently, people don’t have much idea about the ABHA Card. Therefore, increasing awareness about the same has become important for everyone to reap the benefits of the same. Here are 10 important facts that you need to know about this card:

  1. What is it – The ABHA ID card also called the NDHM card, was launched under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission and is a uniquely and randomly generated 14-digit number. It is a digital platform wherein you can record, access, and share your health records easily and conveniently. You can also use this platform to connect with professionals in the healthcare field.
  2. Functions – The major role of this card is to provide health services and doctor information through the mobile app. It can also store medical treatment details and any medical reports on the digital platform. Additionally, the platform can enable you to grant access to your healthcare providers with your consent.
  3. Personal Health Records (PHR) You do not have to worry about carrying a bunch of papers everywhere you go, as you can add your health details to this platform and card and create your long-term medical history. Any information regarding your diagnosis, testing images, reports, prescriptions, insurance details, etc can go on this card so that you can have one place to store everything that you need.
  4. Based on consent – You can voluntarily opt to register on this online platform whenever you wish and will not cost you anything. Only when you share your 14-digit IDnumber with anyone else, will they be able to view your information. You can also revoke your consent from specific individuals if you wish to.
  5. Easy sign-up – If you choose to sign up for your Ayushman Bharat Health Account, it is a relatively easy process and will not require you to physically visit any government center or provide any documents. You will need your Aadhar details or driving license number to register. You can also use your phone number to register.
  6. Nominees and children – You will be able to add a nominee to your ABHA account. Even though this function is not available yet, it is in the works. You can create an ABHA card for your child – this will make it easier for you to maintain records right after birth. This feature will also launch soon.
  7. Application – You can use the online website to apply for the card or you can also download the mobile app. Certain facilities like hospitals, community health centers, etc also provide the option of registering for this card.
  8. Statistics – If you are still skeptical about whether you should register for this account, the statistics associated with it should give you some confidence. Approximately 28,37,65,332 people and counting have an active ABHA id. More than 1,73,344 facilities and 1,07,557+ verified healthcare professionals are associated with this card.
  9. Other websites linked – You can access the features of this card on other government-approved websites and mobile platforms like – Aarogya Setu, CoWIN, etc.
  10. Eligibility – Anyone who is a citizen of India is eligible to apply for this card. It is free of cost and people from all socio-economic strata can be a part of this revolutionary change launched by the government of India.
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Create and be a part of the digital ecosystem that can help you better your healthcare options and help you take advantage of the facilities associated with them.

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