15 Celebrities You Didn’t Know were Very Into Yoga

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Yoga has been around for thousands of years, and almost every day, more people are joining the millions of others who practice it as more benefits have been reported. Here are some of your favorite celebrities who practice yoga on a regular basis, and you never even knew it:

1) Jennifer Aniston:

The star of the hit TV show “Friends” keeps herself grounded and in good shape with her daily yoga practice. She says that she loves the combination of physical and mental workouts that Yoga offers her. Yoga has a lot of benefits, and she practices it on a regular basis with celebrity yoga instructor Jason Walsh. It helps her to keep her mind and body strong and flexible.

2) Davina McCall:

A well-known television presenter, Davina, has been practicing Yoga for years, and it shows. Her sexy curves would have to be the result of her practice. She explains that she practices Hatha Yoga every day and feels great after each session. She also believes that Yoga helps her to relax as well as strengthen her body. Yoga is helping Davina overcome stress and manage her anxiety, which is evident in her daily smile.

3) Gwyneth Paltrow:

Gwyneth has been a yogi for many years and even wrote a book called “Yoga: A New Age Guide to Health & Happiness.” She says that she loves how flexible and rejuvenating Yoga can be. The main benefits of Yoga include stress relief, better sleep, and less anxiety. Gwyneth loves the many different styles of Yoga that are available to her. It is also said that she practices Kundalini Yoga on a regular basis.

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4) Fearne Cotton:

Fearne has been practicing Yoga every day since she was 19 years old. She says that it helps her avoid injuries and focus more on the studio. She also says that it is a great form of exercise and relaxation. She loves how her body feels after a good yoga session and how she can approach certain stressful situations with more positivity.

5) Gisele Bundchen:

The supermodel and wife of NFL star Tom Brady is a yoga enthusiast and even started her own clothing line, which features leggings and t-shirts designed to fit the flexible yogi. With the lack of yoga pants made for the fuller figure, Gisele decided to create her own line that would flatter everyone.

7) Drew Barrymore:

Barrymore practices Kundalini Yoga which is well known for its power to awaken your vital energy (aka chakras). She says that it has transformed her life and helped her with her personal and professional development.

6) Jessica Biel:

Jessica Biel has been practicing Yoga since she was a child, and her training helped her land roles in movies like “The Illusionist.” She says that it helps her stay relaxed and focused. With Yoga, you can work towards achieving deep concentration and stress relief.

7) Suranne Jones:

The actress known for her role in “Eastenders” is also a yoga devotee. She says that it helps her stay in shape and even feel good. This has helped her to get roles as a yoga instructor on “Hollyoaks” and even in the film “What About Alice.”

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8) Madonna:

Madonna has been practicing Yoga for many years now, which has helped her to get in great shape. She says that it helps her to focus on her breathing, be careful of her movements, and remain quiet during class. It also focuses on moving meditation, which she finds very helpful in calming herself down when she is under stress.

9) Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez is a huge fan of Yoga and even went to India once so that she could study different styles of practice. She says that it makes her feel relaxed, flexible, and great. With Yoga, you can relax your whole body, and it can be very calming.

8) Hugh Jackman:

The star of “X Men” and “Wolverine” practices many different styles of Yoga, but Pranayama is his favorite. He loves how it helps him to relax and stay focused.

10) Madonna:

Never one to shy away from a fitness trend, Madonna became well known for her practice of Ashtanga, which she started in the 80’s when she became a student of Kripalu teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. For over 30 years, she has been practicing every day and was even featured in the Yoga Journal for her dedication to this discipline.

9) Jessica Alba:

Actress and producer Jessica Alba tried Yoga once but found that she preferred a more physical workout like Pilates and cardio. Still, she remains positive about her experience with Yoga, saying that it made her feel relaxed and calm. She is also known to practice partner yoga. Partner yoga or commonly known as couples yoga offers numerous benefits for beginners and advanced yogis alike who prefer to do things alongside their partner for a better understanding and connection with th devine.

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10) Victoria Beckham:

The wife of soccer star David Beckham has been practicing Yoga for years, but she is not one of those celebrity yogis who have their picture in the newspaper with a bunch of hard-core yogis on a beach. It’s just about balance and finding peace in her life.

11) Jessica Alba:

The actress was once obsessed with Yoga and even led her own yoga fad craze in the 90s, which she says she will never forget. Now, she practices regularly and leads other people through their practice without being pushy.

12) Britney Spears:

Britney Spears has always been active, but she became a yoga devotee once she started to focus on her health and mental stability. She says that it builds strength and flexibility and is good for the body.

13) Beyonce :

The singer didn’t get into Yoga for the sake of it; she started practicing to get back in shape. Beyonce says that she loves that Yoga focuses on breathing and helps her relax her body, mind, and soul.

14) Lily James:

The actress known for her roles in “Downton Abbey” and “Cinderella” is a dedicated young yogi. She started practicing when she was 8 years old, and now it’s a part of her daily routine.

15) Katy Perry :

Katy Perry says that she loves Yoga because it helps her to focus without being distracted by the outside world. She says that it helped control her eating habits and helped improve her flexibility.


Yoga is a great thing to do for your body, mind, and soul, but you need to find the right practice and the right teacher. Yoga is not just one thing, and there are lots of different types that can suit any person. By choosing the right type of Yoga for you, you can get great rewards from your practice.

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