25 Fire Rappers of India You Should Know About

25 Fire Rappers of India You Should Know About
25 Fire Rappers of India You Should Know About
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India has given legends in every genre of music; here we are going to talk about the best 25 fire rappers of India You should know about. Rapper Journey started in India from Baba Seghal in the late 90s. He is the most acclaimed rapper in India after Apache Indian (US citizen but of Indian origin too). We all can recall some of his superhit compositions like “thanda thanda paani” or aaja meri gadi mein baith ja”

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Let’s get started with the top 25 on the list

  1. Raftaar:  (Dilin Nair – famous rapper known by his stage presence name: Raftaar). He has an awesome fan following around the world. Doing a lot of stage show events on-demand besides giving his rapper compositions for Bollywood. 

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  1. Badshah: (Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia – a well-established rapper).  He started his career with Yo Yo Honey Singh. Apart from this now he is becoming the Badshah of the Rapper Industry. Worked with many superhit music compositions for Bollywood Celebrities.
  1. Yo Yo Honey Singh:  (Hirdesh Singh – A brand name in Rapper Industry), having a great fan following, especially girls for their awesome rapping techniques. He is the highest-paid rapper who worked with Shah Rukh Khan (the king of Bollywood) for the song “lungi dance”, which was a major hit.

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  1. Divine & Naezy (Divine: Vivian Fernandes), what the work they did in the last few years, having a great fan following in the rappers industry. Came into the limelight from the rapper-based movie in the Bollywood industry (Gully Boys).
  1. Bilal Shaikh a.k.a Emiway Bantai: He is the most famous rapper from Mumbai City (The Hub of Talents especially Bollywood). He is the viral sensation who gained audience attention from YouTube’s top chartbuster track “Aur Batai” and holds 2.4 million subscribers.
  1. 7 Bantaiz: they are the new phenomenal group in the rapper list who were inspired by local rap artists like Divine and Dopeadeliczz.  They are all together from school with 27k Subscribers. They are doing rap in 4 different languages of India e.g. English, Hindi, Marathi & Tamil.
  1. Vighnesh Shivanand a.k.a Brodha V: He jumped into the rapping battle like Insignia on the social media platform Orkut when he was just 18 years old. He worked with renowned music composers of Bollywood like Vishal Dadlani, Benny Dayal and held 93k Subscribers in the YouTube Platform too.
  1. MC Prabh Deep: Just 24 years Punjabi Rapper who quickly rose to fame in the early days of his career. He was a school dropout (by choice). Grab a lot of fans’ attention on YouTube with 9.5k Subscribers.
  1. Sumukh Mysore a.k.a Smokey the Ghost: Bangalore-based rapper of its own kind. For his passion for music, he forgoes his government job – as an evolutionary biological scientist at the National Center of Biological Sciences. Currently holding 1.2k Subscribers on YouTube with solo performances.
  1. Street Academics: He formed the Kerala-based group, which raised the fame from amalgamating Malayalam, English & Tamil lyrics in their compositions. He is a good human by heart and showcases similar attributes in his compositions for religious discussion and message on socio-political message and a great entertainer too.
  1. Khasi Bloodz: Most Prolific group from Northeast part of India, These Shillong based rappers started from their native language Khasi, They have raised pride in representing the Khasi Tribe and inspiration for local emerging artists and holding 15k Subscribers on YouTube.
  1. Madurai Souljour: they are the most prestigious rapper group in the Tamil language, inspired by emerging Malaysian artist Yogi B. They are the pure desi group who started their jamming session from tea shops and now hold 1Million views for their awesome YouTube Video compositions.
  1. Shashwat Mishra a.k.a The Quixotic: is the most versatile Delhite rapper. They get awesome recognition from The Quixotic, rap battle on Orkut. Shashwat experimental-soul music and has definitely managed to find a loyal organic audience.  
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  1. Pardhaan:  The Karnal-based young Haryanvi rapper; often known for his desi Haryanvi rapping style. He gained tremendous recognition on popularity charts with Hindi and Haryanvi rapping compositions. He also collaborated with Neha Kakkar, Benny Dayal with holding 227k  YouTube Subscribers as part of his fan following.
  1. Dopeadelicz: The Organic rapper crew, who gained the taste of fame without YouTube likes initially. The trio of Psycho (Tony Sebastian), Dope Daddy (Rajesh Radhakrishnan), and Ben Z (Agnel Avinash Benson) are associated with Coke Studio and YouTube fanfest and currently have 14.2k subscribers on YouTube.
  1. Shanawaz Khan a.k.a Brotha Hood: The Mumbai Rapper, Brotha Hood got famous from their debut album in 2016.  His music compilation has a more mellow quality that is not always associated with desi hip-hop but still has a true organic fan following, especially females.
  1. MC Manmeet Kaur: Started as a presenter at a college fest. The true women power from Chandigarh but professionally a Mumbai-based rapper is known as one of the most outspoken Indian hip-hop artists, songs are lyrical poetry you don’t mind listening to on repeat.
  1. Ankur Johar aka Enkore: a 26-year-old Mumbai Rapper, tasted fame from 9 track album debut in 2015. Gained attention from his autobiographical track that was inspirational.
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Winner of the Radio City Freedom Award for Best Indian Hip Hop Artist (People’s Choice).

  1. Deane Sequeira: Just a 22-year-old Mumbai rapper hit the music charts, gained recognition to work with Pritam, Mohit Chauhan, Mika Singh, etc.
  1. Krishna Kaul a.k.a. Krsna:  Hit the hip-hop music market in India at the initial stage. This Delhi-based rapper released songs for MySpace. Known as Young Prozpekt as a stage name. He collaborated with other renowned rappers like Raftaar, did some social compositions like the anthem for Save the Children.
  1. Sofia Ashraf: Truly acclaimed Tamilian Female Rapper, became a rapper in 2015 and from Josh talks to socially powerful songs.
  1. MC Altaf: A 19-year old rapper from Dharavi in Mumbai who has a song in Zoya’s Movie (Gully Boys). Giving Training advice/tips to Ranveer Singh for the same movie.
  1. Nitin Mishra a.k.a Spitfire: whose real name is Nitin Mishra, was dubbed as a prodigy for the incredible lyrics of the song, Asli Hip Hop for the movie Gully Boys.
  1. Frappe Ash: New Delhi rapper and Full Power-member Akshay Rawat aka Frappe Ash and Gujarat-born Damini Chauhan aka Krameri just released their collaborative single. A huge fan following in the rapper market arena.
  1. Hard Kaur: Taran Kaur Dhillon, known by her stage name Hard Kaur, is an Indian rapper and hip hop singer who hit the chartbuster of rappers. Her fan following increases rapidly in a very less span of time.

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