4 Things to Know Before Cleaning Your Roof

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Having your roof cleaned regularly is essential because it prevents damage and leaks. Since roof cleaning in Everett is a dangerous and delicate job, it’s best to hire professionals. Always make sure the roof cleaners use soft brushing techniques instead of power washing or a surface cleaner. That way, your roof won’t get damaged.

4 Things to Know Before Cleaning Your Roof 

1. Regular Roof Cleaning Keeps Your Home Intact 

The roof is fully exposed to the elements, so it’s one of the first parts of your home to become dirty and discolored. Over time, you might notice that its color darkens because moss, algae, and mold grow on it. These organisms make the roof look shabby, but they are also dangerous because they trap moisture and speed up the deterioration of the roof’s materials. As a result, you might experience water leaks.

Regular roof cleaning prevents organisms from growing unchecked and spreading under the shingles. We recommend that you hire professional cleaners four or five years after the installation of your roof and every two or three years afterward. Cleaning typically costs $300-1,000, so it’s affordable for most families.

2. Pressure Washing Is Too Damaging 

Don’t be tempted to pressure wash your roof. Although this is a quick and easy way of getting rid of moss, mold, and algae, it is very damaging for most roofing materials. The high pressure can strip away your shingles and cause leaks or damage your gutters. It can also cause problems with your shingles’ warranty, and it’s damaging to the environment.

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3. Roof Cleaning in Everett Is Not a DIY Job 

You won’t be able to effectively clean your roof by just spraying some water on it and scrubbing. Professional cleaners know how to adjust the water pressure and angle to prevent damage and effectively remove organisms growing on your roof.

They also understand which types of detergent can be used safely. Because they are trained to work on roofs, they are much less likely to get injured than homeowners who don’t have the same level of experience.

4. Soft Brushing Is Better Than Using a Surface Cleaner 

Surface cleaners are tools that connect to the nozzle of a power washing wand. They are great for cleaning metal, glass, and plastic surfaces quickly because the water spreads faster. However, they aren’t suitable for roof cleaning because they often have brushes that remove mineral granules from the shingles and therefore shorten the lifespan of the roof.

Instead, good roof cleaning companies use soft washing. This technique involves gently washing delicate surfaces with water and a cleaning detergent. Because low pressure is used, the shingles and the underlying plywood aren’t damaged. Get it done the right way by GRACE ROOF & GUTTER CLEANING! Specializing in NON-PRESSURE WASH, NON-CHEMICAL Roof Cleaning.

Roof cleaning is important because it removes damaging moss, algae, and mold from the shingles. Soft brushing is the best technique for most surfaces because it is effective but doesn’t damage the roof. If you’ve noticed that your shingles have recently become discolored, reach out to local roofing professionals and ask them for a quote. 

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