4 Tips to Plan Your Visit to the White and Black Desert for a Memorable Trip

4 Tips to Plan Your Visit to the White and Black Desert for a Memorable Trip
4 Tips to Plan Your Visit to the White and Black Desert for a Memorable Trip
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When you are visiting Europe you must go with the long list of places you are planning to see as most people do. Europe is a must-visit place because of its beauty and history. But if you want to experience and explore the most untouched beauty of the country then you must visit the white and black desert Egypt. It gives the perfect glance at the vast Sahara. If you want a perfect gateway from Cairo the white and black desert is your answer. 

Getting closer to nature is something everyone craves nowadays. When visiting the white desert don’t expect it to be like every other tourist place. As there are no facilities for tourists like the use of restrooms or random vendors selling things, etc. There is only one rule that you must follow that is you must bring back things to carry along when visiting the desert. 

Things You Should Consider Before Visiting The White and Black Desert:

1. Carry Thermos with You

As we know the desert temperature of the desert is extreme. It ranges widely in the desert. It is really hot during summer and can be extremely chilly cold at night. So, pack your thermos with hot water and tea. So you can enjoy the beautiful view and can have fun. A thermos can be really helpful for the survival of the thermos. 

2. Don’t Forget The Cooling Box: 

Don’t forget to bring a cooling box. As we talked about extreme temperatures. During the daytime it is really hot in the desert, it is like boiling hot there in the summertime. So, you much visit there with a cooling box-like cooler. Because preparing for the night is not enough also try bringing a small box freezer to keep your water to keep them cold because hydration is very important in the desert and the hot temperature can make your water really hot and unfit for human consumption. 

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3. Carry Thin Blankets Instead of Sweater: 

The best advice you are going to receive in the whole blog is that you should carry a thin blanket instead of a warm sweater to keep you warm. Because the blanket will come with lots of benefits as we know nights are really cold at night and sand become colder at night so you can use your blanket to sit on by folding it and you can even use it for covering yourself with the blanket when you feel cold. A sweater will cover the upper part of the body but a blanket can cover your whole body. 

4. Ski Underwear Are the Saviour: 

Ski underwear is a must-carry thing for you because you really going to need them at night. It is basically an item of clothing that you wear to layer yourself and you wear it closest to your skin. It offers multiple numbers of advantages. So let’s talk about the basic advantages of ski underwear it gives you comfort, and warmth and it has the water-repellence property. So now even in this cold weather, you don’t have to wear so many layers instead you can just wear ski underwear and enjoy the night in the desert. 

So these are the things you must consider when visiting the white and black deserts. You can enjoy your trip to the deserts if you follow these tips and trust me you are not going to regret carrying these things along. And nowadays camping in black desert is also much popular, which you can consider. It is popular for its beauty and everyone wants to stay close to nature. So how will you approach the tourist guide for camping?

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